How to Wear a Western Belt Buckle

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Wondering how to wear a western belt buckle? Learn more about how to wear a ladies belt buckle with these tips to wear a cowboy belt buckle.

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Why is it that most belt buckles for women are meant to be hidden by the clothes we wear? I love western-style belt buckles with the rhinestones and bling but it makes no sense to hide them away underneath a sweater or shirt. They’re meant to be noticed just like their male counterparts.  

Wondering how to wear a western belt buckle? Learn more about how to wear a ladies belt buckle with these tips to wear a cowboy belt buckle.

Belt Buckles for Women

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn I love clothes and accessories and that includes belt buckles for women.  My favorite outfits start with a comfortable pair of jeans and go from there.  

A casual day at home may result in jeans and a t-shirt.  A day with errands may be dressed up a bit with a dressier top or blouse.  Meetings with clients generally mean slacks or a skirt.  Dressing up a pair of jeans doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do.  

Often changing sneakers for a pair of boots or even heels gives a pair of jeans an entirely new look. Here are a few tips to follow when dressing with a ladies belt buckle.

an eagle belt buckle with a western belt

Choosing Jeans

When wearing a western-style belt buckle, the jeans need to be tight or at least form-fitting. They should be snug around the hips and butt and then end with a boot cut rather than an ankle cut or a flare cut.

These are my favorites.

Choosing a Top

Now, the main reason to wear a western style belt buckle is to show it off. You absolutely do not want to wear a top that will cover up your belt buckle.  

The shirt you choose should either be short enough to show off the belt buckle or it should be tucked in.

Choosing a Belt

Now, don’t make the mistake of buying a men’s belt and belt buckle. The belt will often be too thick to fit through your belt loops and the size won’t be proportionate for a woman’s body.

Use the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to get one that fits your waist properly.

Belt Buckles for Women [How to Wear Them Correctly]

Choosing a Buckle

So, again, don’t choose a buckle intended for men. They will be too oversized and won’t look right. You can opt for a plain silver buckle or choose something flashy with rhinestones, leather a cross, skull, flowers, or faux gems.

It’s all up to the look you want.

Choosing the Boots

So, what better footwear to wear with your new belt buckle than a pair of cowboy boots. Ideally, the leather should match so brown with brown or black with black.

You can wear boot jewelry with your cowboy boots as well. Finally, try matching the bling to the style you have on your belt buckle with your boot jewelry.

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