Essential Oil Arthritis Rub for Inflammation

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Today I’m sharing an arthritis home remedy that I use on my hands. Check out this essential oil blend for arthritis pain and inflammation.

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Arthritis Home Remedy | Essential Oil Rub

Arthritis Home Remedy | Essential Oil Rub

I’ve been using. I’ve decided that getting old is less than fun. As if I wasn’t already really loving the fact that my heel spur is bothering me, I have also developed arthritis in the fingers of my left hand. As someone who types all day long, I can tell you that pain and swelling in your fingers is not a great thing to have.

Before I turn to an over the counter solution, I’d really prefer to try an arthritis home remedy like this essential oil rub. Essential oils have amazing medical properties that we’ve really only rediscovered recently. These are the solutions our ancestors turned to because there were no over the counter drugs for them to use.

Arthritis Home Remedy | Essential Oil Rub for Inflammation

What essential oils help with arthritis?

Arthritis is caused by inflammation and there are essential oils that work to help with inflammation. Note that I’m not a doctor of any sort and you should always check with your doctor when trying something new. This works for me.

Several essential oils help with inflammation and pain: peppermint, wintergreen, citrus, and lavender. Also helpful for inflammation are tea tree oil, myrrh, and oregano. Rosemary essential oil can help improve circulation. Choose a combination that works best for you.

Arthritis Home Remedy | Essential Oil Rub for Inflammation
You need to mix the essential oils with a carrier oil. Absolutely NEVER apply them directly to your skin in full strength. Since I got a great deal on fractionated coconut oil at a great price on Amazon, I used that.

You could also use extra virgin olive oil or sweet almond oil. Fractionated coconut oil is a liquid even at cooler temperatures. Don’t use regular coconut oil. I chose fractionated coconut oil because it has a long shelf life and no odor.

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  • Small glass container (These work great & no mess with a spray top.)
  • Fractionated coconut oil (not solid coconut oil)
  • Essential oils of your choice

Arthritis Home Remedy | Essential Oil Rub


  • You will need about 2 ounces of fractionated coconut oil. This will go a long way. Essential oils break down when exposed to light and heat so I store this in the refrigerator. An old glass spice jar works great for this. If you have a jar with a roller ball on top that makes it easier to apply but it’s not necessary if you don’t. Don’t use plastic. The essential oils will break down the plastic. Use glass.

Arthritis Home Remedy | Essential Oil Rub for Inflammation

  • For my blend, I chose about 6 drops of tea tree oil, 6 drops of rosemary and 6 drops of lavender. I like the scent and the lavender helps my mood as well. You can adjust depending on what scent you like and what works best for you. Try to use one for inflammation and one for pain at least for the best results.

I have been using this essential oil rub two times a day for relief and it does seem to be working. I hope that you’ll try it and see if it works for you.

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22 thoughts on “Essential Oil Arthritis Rub for Inflammation”

  1. I have used essential oils on my hands for years. You can see the damage from arthritis but no pain. Absolutely no pain. It takes a bit to start working but once it does it is great. I mix hand lotion about 1/3. To 1/2. Cup with 11 to 15 drops each of the following. Cleary pepper. And juniper. I rub on before bed put gloves on and go to sleep. Unfortunately I have arthritis in my spine and cannot reach the area for relief...but I would be a blessing if I could spine and apply properly.
    • That must be a huge challenge, Sharon. I will have to try adding black pepper and using gloves before bed. Thank you again!
  2. Heel Spur pain - I used to get 2 minutes of throbbing pain every time i stood up. So 50 times a day !!! I went for 1 session of acupuncture. Gone !!!!!!! Whether it actually works or it's all in the mind, it worked for me. Give it a go !! :)
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  5. What a great idea we love essential oils. As a fellow blogger and RA sufferer I totally understand how hard typing can be when it acts up, I was typing 1 handed for a couple months it was quite a show lol. I will be giving this a try for sure, and pinning. Have a blessed week!
  6. I've started hurting pretty badly in the cold of the mornings.  Not sure if it is arthritis but I'm going to try out these essential oils to see if it helps!  Thanks!
  7. 2015 is the year for essential oils! I have jumped on the band wagon and I can't wait to soak up more and more information! This is a great recipe! Thanks for sharing and expanding my knowledge!
  8. Hi. I too am of the older realm and I too have developed arthritis in my hands. and wrists. I love your post and will certainly use it.  But I wanted to say that eating coconut oil is also very helpful in fighting the inflammation. I have changed my diet to non inflammatory foods and do really well until I stray.. Like when I ate an oreo that was lurking around the house, I woke in the morning to a swollen knuckle. etc.  I am using Danette May's diet but had to modify it because of the RA that (in my case) reacts to dairy as well as high glycemic/ low fiber foods.  Thanks for the oil rub. I'm sure it will be one more tool in my fight against joint inflammation.  Linda 
  9. I need this oil in my life! Nothing says relaxation more than coconut oil and lavender! :) xo, Stephanie Diary of a Debutante

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