Why You Should Be Applying Lotion to Wet Skin Not Dry

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Have you ever heard that you should be applying lotion to wet skin? Most people are taught that lotion should be applied to wet skin. We keep bottles of hand lotion or body lotion on our desks at work or in our bedside table. But, how many of us keep a bottle of lotion in the shower with our body wash and our shampoo? Until I noticed that my skin was dry all the time and did some research, I had no idea why I should add lotion to my shower supplies. So, you should keep reading to learn more about using lotion on wet skin.

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Why You Should Be Applying Lotion to Wet Skin Not Dry

Applying Lotion to Wet Skin

We apply lotion to our skin to make it seem softer and to add moisture to skin that feels dry. In order for the lotion to do its job, it needs to get down deep into our skin to provide lasting results.

When we apply lotion to dry skin, the lotion doesn’t work its way as deeply as it could. So, we should be applying lotion to wet skin because our pores are open.

That lets the lotion work better and last longer which improves the skin’s moisture level. 

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Do you put on lotion after a shower?

Have you ever applied lotion and noticed that you just need to apply it again in an hour or two? If so, that could be because the lotion isn’t being absorbed well and is instead staying on the surface of your skin.

But, after showering, your skin cells expand, making it easy for your lotion to get deep into your skin cells. Curél® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER, with Advanced Ceramide Complex, penetrates deeply into the surface of the skin bringing moisture to the source of dryness. And, you should always apply it to wet skin.

Ceramides are naturally present in healthy skin. They are vital building blocks to maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier. Losing ceramides dries out and damages your skin. Curél® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER, with Advanced Ceramide Complex, penetrates to the source of dryness.

So, this helps to replenish skin’s ceramide levels and repair the moisture barrier. Your regular lotion just won’t do this even if you apply it to wet skin.

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How do I get more moisture in my skin?

So, if you find that your skin is dry even when you use a moisturizer, you may want to try washing in lukewarm water rather than hot. Hot water can dry out your skin much more quickly.

Remember to moisturize immediately after showering when your skin can accept the moisture more easily. And, you might want to take a look at how much water your drinking.

It’s important that you stay hydrated for your skin to retain moisture. If you’re in menopause, check out this dry skin care routine for aging skin. Menopause can cause your skin to become dry. But, there are a few simple lifestyle changes you can make that will help.

Why You Should Be Applying Lotion to Wet Skin Not Dry

My thoughts about applying lotion to wet skin

After deciding I wasn’t happy with my current lotion, I decided to try Curél® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER on my wet skin to see if I noticed a difference. My skin felt much softer even after just one use after showering.

Plus, I noticed that my skin feels more supple, smooth and well moisturized. So, because my old lotion left my skin feeling greasy, it meant that it wasn’t being absorbed well.

I don’t notice any greasy feeling to my skin after using Curél® HYDRA THERAPY. That means that your skin is absorbing the lotion. And, it’s not just staying on top.

Why You Should Be Applying Lotion to Wet Skin Not Dry

How to use body lotion

Curél® HYDRA THERAPY is very easy to use. Just keep a bottle in the bathroom and near the kitchen sink and apply the lotion to your wet skin. After using it, you’ll notice that it glides on smoothly.

And, your skin absorbs it quickly. Finally, after applying, just towel off like normal and go. You’ll notice the difference! Your skin will feel so much softer.

Finally, you can find Curél® HYDRA THERAPY and other Curél products at mass, drug and grocery retailers. The suggested retail price is $7.99 (8 oz) and $10.99 (12 oz). Or, look for it on Amazon.

It really is the best after shower moisturizer we’ve tried. I hope you have a chance to try it and see for yourself. 

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111 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Applying Lotion to Wet Skin Not Dry”

  1. I have heard this about putting lotion on wet skin, but I never remember to do it! I usually just slather some on randomly whenever I think of it :)
  2. To help with dry skin I do not take hot showers or baths. They are so drying to the skin. And lots of moisturizer of course. thank you
  3. I do use moisturizer on my damp skin after a shower but what really helps is applying an essential oil blend to my feet (my dry skin problem area) before I go to bed. My hands can get dry and rough if I'm lifting a lot of weights or kettlebells so I give them extra attention with moisturizer. I need to try this formula!
  4. I usually don't moisturize unless it is the weekend because I can't put on lotion before clothes or they'll stick to me. Otherwise I just moisturize as I can or if I am particularly dry and itchy.
  5. I use lotion to my dry hands and try to limit my exposure to the cold dry winter air! I definitely avoid soaps containing alcohol, especially since I wash my hands often.
  6. My feet are the dry skin problem areas I have and I use essential oils and lotion on them at night so they can absorb it all night long. I do use lotion on my damp skin after my shower and find you can use less this way. I also use body butters and oils like almond and jojoba on my neck and face for extra moisture.
  7. I use both lotion and pure coconut oil on my skin to combat dry skin but sometimes I forget. :( This product sounds like a great way to keep up with moisturizing though, you can just keep a bottle by the shower to remind you to lather some on before toweling off! genius! thanks!
  8. I drink plenty of water, use a good moisturizer, only take a shower for 5 minutes, and I use coconut oil all the time.
  9. I have to use lotion every day or my skin will be dry and itch.  I do try to use moisturizing soap and baby oil in the shower.

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