Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School

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It’s time to get your kids ready for back to school! Doesn’t it seem like the summer goes by too quickly? Or, maybe you’ve been looking forward to back to school time for a few weeks already. Either way, it’s time to prepare for back to school now so you’re not rushed in a few weeks. You won’t want to spend the last few days of summer vacation running around like a crazy person

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Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School

There are a lot of things that need to get done for back to school time. You’ve probably already started things like clothes shopping and school supply shopping. While it’s easy to focus on the tangible things, don’t forget these health tips when you’re preparing for school.

Vision checkup

Have your child’s vision and hearing checked before school starts. Address any problems before they affect your child’s grades. Vision problems are common among school-aged children but they are easy to correct with a vision checkup.

10 Healthy Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School

Adjust bedtime

Make sure the kids ease back into getting up early again by getting them to bed a bit earlier the week before school starts. Neither of my teenagers are naturally early risers and getting them up at 6:30am again is going to be a challenge.

Healthy lunches

Make sure you send healthy lunches with your kids especially if your child’s school lunches are less than healthy. Let your child shop with you so you can pick out healthy snacks that they like. That way they don’t end up in the trash or traded for something less healthy.

10 Healthy Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School

Sports physicals

Make sure you schedule a sports physical if your child is going to participate in any sports. This should address any basic health concerns. Don’t wait too long though as there is often a waiting list.

Encourage play time

Encourage lots of outdoor play during the summer and during the school year. When my son comes home from school, the first thing we do is send him outside to run around and burn off some energy. After that’s done, he can concentrate on his homework.

10 Healthy Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School

Emotional issues

Keep your eyes open for symptoms of depression or anger management issues. Peer pressure and bullying can be issues for many kids and keeping an eye on their mental health is as important as their physical health.

Backpack check

Watch the weight of your child’s backpack. Tossing in books, binders, and sports equipment can make a backpack way too heavy to be safely carried on your child’s back. Look into some alternative options like sling packs.

Medication needs

Make sure you send in any necessary medication or inhalers your child will need to the school nurse on the first day of school. We always made sure my daughter had an extra inhaler for her asthma since she kept forgetting hers at home.

10 Healthy Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School

Risky behavior

Sit down and talk to your child about drugs, alcohol, and sex. You’d be surprised at how early these issues actually affect your child. You don’t want them to be exposed to them before you’ve had a chance to sit down and talk.

Bus safety

Have a discussion with your child about school bus safety. If you’re school district doesn’t use seatbelts on their school buses, talk to the administration about getting them.

Back to school can be stressful enough learning about new schedules, new lockers and new classes. Help your child be as prepared as possible to ensure their back to school experience goes as smoothly as it can. What else do you do to get your kids ready for back to school?

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3 thoughts on “Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School”

  1. Great tips! We started the back to school schedule last week even though school won't start for another two weeks. My daughter was dismayed, but it will make life so much easier once school starts!
  2. Excellent article. Healthy lunches can be a challenge, but not impossible. I tend to allow them a sweet snack when they come home instead.

    Our school district insists upon having their own inhaler. Students aren't allowed to bring one from home. The nurse stores it and that way if the child needs it, it's there.

    Number 9 is big on my list this year. My daughter is now out of the single digits. It's time.

    Thanks for a great article.
  3. The weight if our child's backpack was a concern for us last year, and we had to specifically address it with her teacher at an open house event. That opened up a flood gate of other parents who had the same concern. It was heavy even for me!

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