Litter Robot automatic cleaning cat litter box

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Automatic cleaning cat litter box

Litter Robot automatic cleaning cat litter box

We absolutely adore our kitties. To say that they are spoiled would probably be putting it mildly. We want them to have the best just like we do with our kids. We make sure that their food and cat treats are healthy and high quality. We make sure they are warm, safe and protected. We make sure their litter box is clean at all times. Err… well we try to make sure it’s clean at all times but with three kitties and a busy household, there are times it could be scooped more often.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I HATE cleaning the cat box. That’s hate with a capital *H*. We don’t let our kitties outside and we have three cats so you can imagine that the cat box needs to be changed quite often. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just have the maid change the cat box?… Wait a minute that would be me!

Well there is a solution to changing the cat box! The Litter-Robot changes it for you! The Litter-Robot is a covered, self cleaning cat litter box that really does change the litter for you! The globe on top holds the litter and has an entry door for your kitties to go inside and take care of business. The large waste drawer below holds the waste in a bag until you empty it. The globe on top spins & the waste is caught and ends up in the drawer below.

I was originally skeptical about this actually working with my cats. We didn’t use a covered cat box & I’d never used anything that automatically scooped or cleaned the box. I worried that it would need expensive supplies to work properly like special litter or special pads or chemicals.

Here’s a few things I learned after reading about the Litter-Robot. You don’t need to buy any special supplies. It works with regular clumping cat litter. There are no liners, special bags, chemicals or other supplies you have to purchase. You use a regular kitchen garbage bag in the bottom to collect the waste. Now you CAN purchase special bags, special litter, etc. but you don’t have to. It works just fine with what you buy at the grocery store.

It’s not going to come on and start cleaning while the kitties are inside. The Litter-Robot has a special sensor that lets it know when your kitty steps on the step to go inside. It stops and doesn’t restart for seven minutes without any activity.

I received the box with the Litter-Robot and everything was already assembled. All I had to do was to put the globe on top of the bottom base and attach the litter bag. Then I plugged it in and added litter. One press of a button had it all set and ready to work. Then I waited to see what the cats would do. Every time I saw one go in the bathroom I’d peak around the corner and see if they were using it. They’d cautiously stick their heads in it but I never caught them actually going in there. They obviously are going in there since there’s waste accumulating in the bottom drawer.

You can leave the unit set to automatically clean itself when it senses a cat has done something inside or you can do it yourself to get your cats used to it at first. There is no rake or comb to jam while it’s working so it literally can just be forgotten about. Every few days depending on how many cats you have, you simply take out the full waste bag & put in another one. Every few months they recommend you empty the globe and wash it out much like you would your regular cat box so it doesn’t accumulate odors. The waste receptacle in the bottom has an odor seal so you do not smell anything from the accumulating waste.

I really could not believe how easy this was to set up and operate. I love that I don’t have to clean it any longer and it really does work. The Litter-Robot is available in beige, black and gray. The gray color is the eco-friendly unit and it is made of 100% recycled plastics in 84% of the total plastic volume which makes for a very ‘Green’ (although it’s gray) product. The Litter-Robot is made in the USA! It has an 18 month warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee.

We have three kitties.  Scout is two years old and is our most adventurous cat.  If he can crawl in it, he’s there.  I’ve actually scooped him out of the refrigerator on several occasions.  He was inside the Litter-Robot within the first hour it was set up.  Our next kitty is Heather.   Heather is afraid of her shadow, literally. She will run if the doorbell rings.  She’s shot out of the room like a bat out of he** at the sight of the vacuum let alone turning it on.  It took several days before Heather went near the Litter-Robot.  She would run out of the bathroom in a panic if it started turning.  Now, after about 4 days, she is in and out with no problem.  Colors is our older kitty. She’s 10 and I wasn’t sure how well she’d adjust to this.  No worries there.  On the second day, I just placed her paws on the step and she was up there playing in litter.

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