Whole Body Health for Cats | Cat Nutrition

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Whole body health was a concept that was new to me when my doctor mentioned it. What it really means to me is that there are many different things that go into being healthy. Whole body health includes things like what you eat, the exercise you get, and how you feel. It’s those pieces that go together to make a healthy body. You need to make sure that what you eat is providing nutrients for all the different parts of your body. That’s true for people and it’s also true for cats and dogs.

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Whole Body Health for Cats | Cat Nutrition

Whole Body Health for Cats | Cat Nutrition

Cat nutrition is an important part of whole body health. Giving your cat the very best food you can will help ensure that they are as healthy as possible. Your cat’s food should nourish their whole body including their digestive system, bones and teeth, skin and coat, muscles and nerves and contain antioxidant nutrients. Original Ultra Whole Body Health cat food provides this whole body health for cats.

Whole Body Health formulas nourish your pet’s complete well­‐being and supports the need of your pet through all life stages.

  • Supports Neural Development: These foods are formulated with optimal levels of DHA EPA from marine sources which will support an active, healthy brain
  • Supports Healthy Skin & Coat: Correct Omega‐6 and Omega-­3 ratios support healthy skin and give your cat a luxurious coat.
  • Digestive Support: The multiple types of fibers including fruits & grains are a unique fiber layering system that helps maintain healthy digestion
  • Healthy Muscle Development: Quality proteins to help support healthy muscle which is important at any age
  • Antioxidant Nutrients: A proprietary blend of antioxidant nutrients helps maintain your cat’s healthy immune system
  • Strong & Healthy Bones and Teeth: Correct levels of calcium and phosphorus maintain strong bones for all that playing and pouncing
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Heart & Eyes: Contains added taurine for healthy heart and eye function

Whole Body Health for Cats | Cat Nutrition

Natural Balance Whole Body Health

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Whole Body Health for Cats | Cat Nutrition

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  1. This is great information for those with pets! I know how sad I would be if my cat was unhealthy due to its food. Thank you for the coupon!
  2. We took a stray cat to the vet this week. His teeth were terrible - apparently he has a virus that erodes them. :(   I wish we had caught it in time to take care of it; this high-quality food would have helped! 
  3. I hadn't really thought of "whole body health", but that makes a lot of sense. If you have a cat, it's important to give it the best care and food possible. Thanks for sharing the $3 coupon!
  4. I never realized how much your cat reminds me of Teddy Bear a street cat I used to feed in Miami. He was actually being fed by at least one other person. He loved going on walks with us in the evenings. We would sometime come to the house to start the walk and other times he would join us when we pass his other house. he loved to brush up against Davinia to say hello to her. I wish I could have offered him better Nutrition and care but he seemed to be happy out on the street with his friends.

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