What You Need For Your First Cat

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Wondering about what you need for your first cat? Check out these tips for first time cat owners and learn what basic cat supplies you should have.

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What you need for your first cat

What You Need For Your First Cat

Thirty years later, we’ve been blessed to have a number of different kitties join us as part of our family. I’ve gained years of personal experience and had many discussions with our vet about what basic cat supplies you should have on hand. 


Check with the place you’re adopting your pet from to find out what food they’re used to. Be certain to choose a food that is appropriate for their age and weight. If you need to change their food, you’ll need to do it gradually.

Food and water bowl

While you can use bowls from your cupboard, you’ll see less messes from spills if you get bowls that are intended to hold cat food and water. I have always found it easiest to get two separate bowls rather than one double bowl.

Cat carrier

It will be easiest and the least traumatic for your cat if you transport them in a cat carrier rather than putting them in a cardboard box or trying to hold them during the ride home.

What you need for your first cat

Scratching post

Cats love to scratch and to encourage them NOT to scratch on your walls or furniture, you should provide them with a sturdy cat scratching post.

Places to play and hide

Kitties are adventurous by nature and love to play and hide. You can purchase a few cat trees or simply use empty cardboard boxes and empty paper bags. They’ll have a great time jumping on and playing in them.

Cat toys

Experiment a bit and see what type your pet enjoys the best. At the least, pick up a few toy mice with catnip in them.

Litter box and cat litter

I choose a kitty litter that is 100% dust free. It’s better for you and better for your cat because no one will be breathing in dust when the box is used or changed.

What you need for your first cat

ARM & HAMMER™ Clump & Seal™ is a lightweight litter that doesn’t act lightweight. It uses a unique technology that forms a tight seal around odor and destroys it with
powerful odor eliminators and ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda. It comes with a 7-day odor control guaranteed and is 50% lighter than their regular litters. Request your $2 coupon today.

In addition to the supplies I listed above, you’ll also need resources to turn to when you have questions. The petMD Cat Care Center is a great source of information on everything to do with your new pet including bringing a new cat into your home. I recommend Introducing a New Kitten to Your Home for some really valuable tips for the first time you bring your new pet home.

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24 thoughts on “What You Need For Your First Cat”

  1. I would add a cat tree, or at least identify (and clear off) a few places up off the floor where kitty is shown (maybe with treats) that it's her place to jump up. This is especially true if you have other cats, dogs or little kids. Kitty wants to escape 'up' usually.
  2. This is a great list of must have items for first time cat owners. You should also be ready to play, because cats love to play.
  3. We have a kitty that we rescued a while ago, she has plenty of toys and even a cat climber house. We want one that connects out onto the patio though. They are pricey but our cat loves lounging by the windows.
  4. I think cats are such great pets because they are easy to take care of. I have a lot of these items for my cat, and my cat behaves very well and is getting old. He likes to sleep with me on my bed!!
  5. Great post! A friend of mine is getting a cat for the first time and asked me about it. It's been so long since we got one ourselves, I found it hard to give her the right info. Sending this to her, so thank you - and for the coupon!!
  6. We have been talking about getting a cat so I am glad I found this post as I have not even realized we would need half of these items! Thanks for the heads up!
  7. What a cutie pie! I don't have any cats but my friends who do always say odor control is probably the hardest thing they battle with their cat litter.

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