5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Gum Health

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If finding ways to improve your gum health can keep me out of the dentist’s chair, count me in. I’ve never been a big fan of the dentist, and when I was younger, I didn’t spend enough time on oral care. I’ve had oral surgery, braces, and a few cavities in my past, but the one thing that I struggle with the most is plaque and bleeding gums. Since I really don’t like flossing my teeth, this can be a challenge. Thank you to Livionex for sponsoring this conversation.

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Gum Health

Ways to Improve Your Gum Health

Healthy gums should be pink, firm, not bleed, and fit snugly around your teeth. There are a lot of things that can impact your gum health including diet, age, and oral care. If your gums are sensitive, swollen, red or bleeding, chances are that your gums are not as healthy as they should be. Here are a few ways to improve your gum health.

Quit Smoking

Smoking and other tobacco products can lead to gum disease and make you more susceptible to infections. It can also limit blood flow which makes it harder for wounds to heal. quitting smoking now can greatly improve your gum health and should be a priority if you’re suffering from bleeding gums. Chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, and other tobacco products can also have negative impacts on your oral health.

Floss Regularly

Flossing regularly can help loosen foods that get stuck between your teeth and cause gum irritation and infection. Daily flossing can also help remove plaque from hard to brush areas. If you have problems flossing with traditional dental floss, look for the dental floss picks which are easier for some people to use.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Gum Health

Visit the Dentist Regularly

I know. No one likes the dentist, but preventive care is an excellent way to ensure that you don’t end up with a more serious problem. Try to visit the dentist for a cleaning at least every six months. Follow their recommendations for X-rays and future care.

Watch Your Diet

It’s no secret that what you eat has an impact on how health you area. Foods that are high in sugar and starch content are more likely to cause cavities than healthy vegetables and proteins. Adding in fat soluble vitamins and getting enough minerals in your diet can also help improve your oral health.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Gum Health

Use a Dental Gel

Many kinds of toothpaste use silica, which is a mild abrasive, to remove dental plaque. Hydrated silica is made from a crystallized compound found in quartz, sand, and flint. This abrasive can damage the enamel on your teeth and prevent your teeth from remineralizing.

In a 2014 published study, Livionex Dental Gel was found to clean teeth 2.5 times better than a leading toothpaste, and it uses no silica. It’s also found to be effective for reducing morning ‘bad’ breath. Another study released in March by the University of California, Irvine showed that Livionex Dental Gel works two times better at controlling overnight plaque buildup–when our mouths have less of a cleaning mechanism. It was 4 ½ times more effective at reducing plaque— after brushing at night and again in the morning.

Another reason that I’ve been using Livionex Dental Gel is that it contains no abrasives, detergents, or antimicrobials (triclosan) used by traditional toothpaste brands. Livionex Dental Gel doesn’t bubble when you use it like other toothpaste brands because it contains no detergents. That bubbling you see is caused by chemicals added to toothpaste (typically Sodium Lauryl Sulfate [SLS]). Livionex Dental Gel uses a special formula that breaks the bond between the plaque and your teeth, without abrasives.

More information can be found at www.livionexdental.com. It can be purchased on the website or at Amazon.com. Save 10% using discount code COM10JUL on Livionex Dental Gel (Tube) and LivFree (Pump) on the Company Website and Amazon (expires 8/19/2016).

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  1. I'll admit that flossing has been my enemy for years. I'll brush until the cows come home, but sticking my hands in my mouth ranks really low on my priority list. I mean, you never know where my hands have been. I have found that a water pick is my favorite substitute, though. That suckers me into better oral health overall.
  2. These are great reminders. I also do oil-pulling with coconut oil most mornings. It's helped whiten my teeth, and it feels like it's made flossing easier.
  3. I"m actually using the Livionex Dental Gel and I'm LOVE LOVE LOVING it! IT's not overpowering in the mint, but leaves my mouth feeling so clean and fresh.
  4. it is amazing what a difference good dental health can make in your health over all!! These are great tips, I know I am guilty of skipping flossing when I am rushing.
  5. It really is so important to make sure you floss regularly. That's one that so many people skip because they don't want to put in the extra time, but you have to do it.

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