ASPCA Shop With Your Heart Initiative

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Years ago, I watched a movie that really helped me understand how poorly animals are treated by factory farms. It was a real eye opener, and at that time, I made a promise to myself that I would stop purchasing traditionally raised and slaughtered meat. When I shop now, I try very hard to purchase from local small farms in Vermont that I know treat their animals humanely. It’s not always easy, and I’m certainly not perfect, but it’s important enough for me to try to shop this way.

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ASPCA Shop With Your Heart Initiative

You might not already be aware of this but, most of the nearly 9 billion animals raised for meat, milk, and eggs in the US are suffering in inhumane factory farms. And animals are not the only affected, as factory farms impact human health—they can be breeding grounds for dangerous pathogens and the antibiotics used to prevent disease create the potential for dangerous, drug-resistant bacteria to develop.

Even if you set aside the moral reasons for treating animals well, factory farm raised meat has an impact on our health and on the earth. It has a direct impact on the quality of our lives and that of our families. That’s something that we all need to be aware of as we make our decisions at the grocery store. I know that it’s not always easy to find information on how the animals were raised, but I have a resource for you.


To fully harness the power of our collective purchases and demand better lives for farm animals, the Shop With Your Heart initiative gives consumers the resources to recognize, locate and demand meaningfully welfare-certified meat, eggs, and dairy products as well as plant-based alternatives.

Everyone who signs the pledge also gains access to an exclusive Shop With Your Heart Grocery List, including welfare-certified and widely available plant-based brands.

Can you help today?

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  1. I would love to do more to support small farms and humane animal practices, so thank you for sharing this resource. I'm on their website now and it's really helpful with its store locator!
  2. Thanks so much for sharing this initiative! I am a total carnivore, but I hate the idea of industrial farming. It's so inhumane!
  3. This is a wonderful initiative! It is so important to support those who raise animals for meat humanely and avoid supporting factory farming. This is a real passion of mine and I'm so pleased to see something like this taking off! 

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