Walgreens Refill Reminders Saved the Day!

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We have been having some really crazy winter weather here in Vermont.   Last week we had a ton of snow and temperatures got down to -11F on two nights.  I’m use to cold weather but WOW -11F!  I had to call and have AAA jump my battery both days to get the car to start.  In the middle of all this bad weather, everyone in the house has managed to catch a cold. The weather is calling for freezing rain for today and then another drop in temperature which means everything on our road will turn to ice.  I’m a good driver and I’ve driven in snow and ice for years but I do  everything in my power to not go out when the roads are really bad. See how Walgreens refill reminders really saved the day for me this time!

Walgreens Refill Reminders #shop #WalgreensRX #cbias

Walgreens Refill Reminders

Since weather today was predicted to be bad, I made it a plan to get all my errands done over the weekend.  Food co-op, grocery store, movie to be returned, drop off a package at UPS, etc.  I had my list made up so I made sure not to forget anything. I was making sure I had everything I needed before I headed out when I noticed  a refill reminder for Sarah’s asthma inhaler.   I have no clue how I had forgotten to refill that but thank heaven the refill reminder took care of it.  Like everyone else in the house, Sarah has a cold and with her asthma, a cold often turns into something more serious.  There is no way I want an emergency trip to the drug store in the middle of sleet and freezing rain because I forgot her inhaler so I added a trip to Walgreens to my to do list.

Walgreens Refill Reminders #shop #WalgreensRX #cbias

It’s really easy to sign up for Walgreens refill reminders and it’s totally free. Just sign up on their site and you can add each family member. You can order and print prescriptions for adults, children, and pets and even schedule immunizations and manage family records. To save time, you can stay on your medication schedule with refills set on autopilot. There is FREE shipping available on every order or you can pick up your prescriptions are your local Walgreens!  If you have questions, you can chat live with a member of their pharmacy team and get the advice you need instantly, 24/7.

Walgreens Refill Reminders #shop #WalgreensRX #cbias

Since I knew Sarah wasn’t feeling well, when I picked up her inhaler, I added a few other things to my cart to cheer her up. There is such a great selection at Walgreens that I decided to make a little get well basket.   If you have a teenage daughter, she may enjoy the same types of things I put in my basket:

  • Funky, colored socks.  Everyone needs fun socks when they don’t feel well.
  • Peppermint tea.  Peppermint tea thins mucus, soothes sore throats, and helps dry coughs.
  • A good book. Sarah is partial to romance books so that’s what I chose.

Walgreens Refill Reminders #shop #WalgreensRX #cbias

  • Facial tissues. I was so excited to see the Walgreens Ology brand is 100% tree free!
  • Chicken noodle soup.  A time tested cure for the common cold.
  • Cough drops.  We like the Ricola Natural Cherry Honey variety.
  • Vitamin C/Immune Support.  Walgreens has purelife Naturals Multi-Action Immunity supplements that support immune system health. They have things like Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea and EpiCor. There are no artificial ingredients, colors or preservatives and they are gluten free.

Walgreens Refill Reminders #shop #WalgreensRX #cbias

I really love that Walgreens has such a great variety of natural and gluten free products. It can be a real challenge to find things that Sarah can have because she is gluten intolerant. Walgreens saved me a lot of running around since I was able to find everything I wanted in one place.

Walgreens Refill Reminders #shop #WalgreensRX #cbias

I am so glad that Walgreens refill reminders notified me to refill her asthma inhaler.   Having her inhaler on hand along with the get well basket I made helped her have a happier day than if I had forgotten to pick it up.


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  1. Mistee Dawn says
    I love Walgreens and I always use the refill reminders. Sounds like it saved you a lot of trouble. Hope she feels better soon!
  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says
    I am the worst about picking up prescriptions.  My Walgreens calls me if it's sitting there too long, but reminders would definitley help!
  3. Love the Walgreens reminders. It is so nice and easy to pick up supplies and prescriptions in one place at Walgreens. 
  4. Ashley McLure says
    Reminders are definitely a good thing! Glad to hear Walgreens will help you out with that.
  5. Kelsey Apley says
    That is neat on their reminder, that would be very helpful! I know I have ran out of my medicine and realized I was needing it and totally forgot!
  6. You're such a nice mom!  I'm sure she liked the "feel-good" goodies.  This refill reminder service sounds super helpful!
  7. It is hard to find things that gluten intolerant kids can have! I didn't realize Walgreens had those products in stock. I will be checking this out because my kids are always sick. 
  8. I tend to forget about prescriptions as well. That's a great get well basket, I'd love to get that on a sick day for sure!
  9. Isn't it great having companies that set things up to help us remember important medications, etc? and yes! yes, for products that are good and safe for us and our environment!
  10. I could totally use reminder for prescription refills. I just called one in today, after realizing I am almost completely out.
  11. I'm horrible about remembering stuff like this, so this would be very helpful!
  12. Crystal @ Surviving a Teacher's Salary says
    Oh goodness we all need reminders about this stuff!! Awesome!
  13. What a great app for busy moms, sometimes those things just slip away from us when we're juggling so much. Our daughter really likes peppermint tea when she's not feeling well too.
  14. What a great service! As forgetful as I am, I really need to look into this. In other news, I'm not feeling well and I would love someone to make me that gift basket. What a nice mom you are!
  15. Walgreens is a great store. With the Reminders it just makes the store even better.
  16. I love Walgreens. There's one right beside my youngest's preschool, so I stop in there an embarrassing amount of times a week.
  17. I'm glad that your girl is feeling better.
  18. My husband is visiting Omaha this week for work and it was -30 today!! No joke!! All this cold weather is crazy!!!!
  19. Kerri (@KerriOlkjer) says
    Wow, that's very cool! My husband is constantly forgetting to refill his prescriptions until he's OUT. This would be so handy.
  20. Jessica @FoundtheMarbles says
    Glad she's feeling better. And hooray for reminders!
  21. A reminder really would be handy!  I have one that uses a nebulizer.
  22. My husband could really benefit from refill reminders. He takes medication for his thyroid and sometimes forgets to refill his prescription until he is down to his last pill!
  23. Amber Edwards says
    Oh I need to transfer our prescriptions over there! I like the idea of a refill reminder. I always forget to refill the prescriptions. 
  24. I really need to sign up for reminders for myself! There's been too many times I've run out of my medicine!
  25. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says
    Without a doubt I would forget to get my refills on time every month without that reminder. It's the best!
  26. we use walgreens refill- well, i do. i'm awful about getting that refill in time and end up rushing out late at night making a special trip. or i was. it's better w walgreens. texts go to my phone and ipad so the kids see and yell at me to go get my medicine LOL i hope you are all recovered!
    • Ellen Christian says
      LOL so neat the kids help you.  Texts are the best way for me to actually remember to do something.
  27. Virginia @thatbaldchick says
    Those refill reminders really do save the day. I love how technology helps us in these areas.
  28. i didn't realize that they had so many gluten free option at walgreens- very good to know!
  29. aimee smith says
    I am glad to be in Arizoan where it is not freezing! I did not even realize that Walgreens had this service, I always forget to get stuff at the pharmacy!
  30. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement says
    Wow, Walgreens really did save the day! This cold weather can get really nasty; we recently had several days of snow and now it's -15 to -12 temps...I don't blame you for not wanting to go out with that kind of weather going on. That was so nice of you to make a get well basket for your daughter. I'm sure she really appreciated your thoughtfulness :)
  31. Cori @ coris big mouth says
    I wish there was a Walgreens near me, I could totally use the reminders!!
  32. I don't take prescriptions but would need a reminder service if I did. I am bad at even remembering to take vitamins.
  33. That is super helpful! Target texts me when it's time for a refill, I just hit 1 and they refill it for me!! 
  34. Mama to 5 BLessings says
    What a wonderful idea especially for the elderly would could easily forget. Thank you fr sharing this information!
  35. with all the chaos in our lives it is hard to remember to get our medicines refilled. This is a great service, especially for forgetful college kids!
  36. Ellen Christian says
    That's another great reason to use it!
  37. Wow, that's a great service! I hate to run low and bite my nails hoping they can get my Rx refilled before I completly run out.
  38. Amy Desrosiers says
    I have not been to Walgreens in a while, but I do love the fact that they do refill reminders. Gosh, I'm already so overwhelmed, I surely forget without the reminder!
  39. I love that feature of Walgreens!  So far, I dont have any prescriptions that I need on refills, but when i do, I know I'll look at taking them there.
  40. Oh asthma is the worst! My little boy has it. That is really great that Walgreens does that! I'm so bummed out prescription coverage was changed to mail order - no reminders on that! :(
  41. I am very forgetful at times, so this sounds like a helpful service for me.
  42. I hope she's feeling better now! We just had the flu, so my husband made a few trips to our local Walgreen's, too. It's great that they have just about everything you could think of to heal the body and raise spirits.
  43. We fill our prescriptions through walgreens too and I love that they always remind me to fill my birth control. Save. The. Day. lol
  44. Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom says
    That gift basket would definitely have me on the way to feeling better! #client
  45. I am the WORST at remembering to call in prescriptions... until I take the last of my meds and HAVE too call it in! This really makes me wish my town had a walgreens!
  46. My husband needs this service.  He is on anti depressants and once in awhile he forgets to call in a refill on time. So bad for him. 

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