Creative Tips to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

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These tips to get kids to eat vegetables may help make mealtime a little bit easier for you. Try these picky eater tips today.

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When my kids were little, I cannot tell you how many arguments we had to try to get them to eat what was on their plate. If you have the same struggles with your children, keep reading.

Tips to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

Getting your children to eat their vegetables isn’t easy and it used to result in a lot of arguments at the table.  I know that kids would much rather eat French fries or potato chips with their lunches but vegetables are healthier.

Of course, some children have sensory or other issues that make mealtime a struggle. If that’s the case, it’s best to speak to your pediatrician and find out what they recommend. For your average picky eater, these tips should help.

How do you get kids to eat veggies?

Sometimes kids have just convinced themselves that they don’t like a certain vegetable without trying it.  Other times, they have tried and they simply don’t like the way it tastes.

Either way, if I serve it, they need to eat it. I don’t pile a huge amount on their plate but they are expected to finish it. Start this practice at a young age and you will have fewer arguments.

When possible, offer them an alternative. They can have corn or salad.

Simple Tips to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables Without Arguing

How do I get my picky child to eat vegetables?

I’ve tried all sorts of ways to get the kids to eat their vegetables with varying success. But, here are a few tips to get kids to eat vegetables that have worked with me.

  • Offer an exchange – If they can finish all of their vegetables, they can have a favorite snack or dessert that day within reason.
  • Try hiding small pieces – You can hide small pieces in things like meatloaf or spaghetti sauce. Just make sure that they are shredded.
  • Try offering *baby* veggies – Regular carrot sticks often get passed by in my house in favor of the *baby* carrots.
  • Cut veggies into shapes – Celery *boats* stuffed with cream cheese are much more enticing than celery sticks. Let them eat with chopsticks.
  • Let them dip! –  Everything is more fun when you can dip it into something yummy.

Simple Tips to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables Without Arguing

What vegetables do toddlers like?

It all depends on the child! Some toddlers will eat anything. Others are a bit more reserved. A few kid-friendly vegetables to start with are green peas, carrots, corn, and green beans. Often, younger children shy away from strong tastes so you may want to save Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and onions until they are a bit older.

Try making it fun by turning your vegetables and fruits into characters. These cartoon cutters are a super cute idea.

Simple Tips to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables Without Arguing

How to get your teenagers to eat vegetables

Teenagers often enjoy eating on the go so making vegetables portable can be a big help. Try offering a vegetable and dip platter while they’re watching their favorite movie or when they have friends over.

Try one of these healthy dip recipes. Or, why not load their pizza with peppers and mushrooms?

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How can I trick my child into eating vegetables?

If your child just flat out refuses to eat vegetables no matter what, you may want to get a little bit sneaky and figure out how to hide vegetables in food. There are a lot of ways you can hide vegetables in everyday foods.

Why not try this Paleo Meatloaf from Evolving Table that actually has carrots in it. Or, try my green smoothie recipe that is made with spinach.

Figuring out how to get kids to eat healthy can be a real challenge. You can try getting them involved in meal preparation and see if that will help.

Let them choose the vegetable they’d like to eat and learn how to prepare it. When the weather is nice, let them learn how vegetables grow by planting their own seeds in the garden or a small pot.

Or, take them to a pick your own place to pick strawberries or apples.

These tips to get kids to eat vegetables may help make mealtime a little bit easier for you. Try these picky eater tips today.

Check out these simple tips to get your kids to eat vegetables for more ideas. Or they may enjoy air-fried vegetable sticks.

Do you have any tips to get kids to eat vegetables that I haven’t mentioned?

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