Time Saving Gardening Tips

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I love having fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers in my gardens. There is nothing that makes me happier than to know that I helped turn that tiny little seed into something pretty amazing. That said, gardening can be a very time intensive hobby. Your garden requires food, water, weeding, pollination and other care in order to thrive. I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and product has been provided.

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Time saving gardening tips

Time Saving Gardening Tips

As much as I enjoy gardening, I don’t have as much time to devote to it as I did when I was younger. My back doesn’t take as well to hours of weeding and hoeing and even a few hours ends up resulting in aches and pains for several weeks. I’ve decided that I need to work smarter and not harder so I came up with these time saving gardening tips to keep the work to a minimum.

  • Plant perennial flowers. Perennial flowers will come back every year. That means you don’t need to replant them again in the spring. What works as a perennial will vary based on where you live. In Vermont, one of my favorites is astilbe. Mine has beautiful red flowers.
  • Pick easy care annuals. If you do plant annuals, choose annuals that don’t require deadheading.  Impatiens are beautiful flowers and do not require deadheading.

Time saving gardening tips

  • Container gardening saves time. I love large flower gardens but they can be time intensive. My zinnias are beautiful orange, red and pink colors and grow in a raised bed container garden.
  • Lay down weed fabric. The area around the front of our home is landscaped with flowers but underneath the mulch, we have weed fabric to keep down the weeds.
  • Use hanging flowers. If you truly have no time for weeding, hang a few hanging flower plants around your home instead. Just remember to water them regularly.
  • Use mulch. We mulch around our trees and our home to cut down on weeds. Choose a natural mulch instead of one that is dyed which will show wear more quickly.
  • Plant bulbs. In the fall, plant bulbs that will come back each spring. All you’ll need to do is cut down some of the dead greenery when it dies.

Time saving gardening tips

  • Plant hostas. Hostas will come back each year and grow larger each time they return. If you plant them as an edging around the house, they will keep down weeds and stop the need for weed whacking.
  • Keep everything in one place. A large planting of flowers in one area will be easier to care for than 5 smaller areas of flowers. There will be one spot to weed, deadhead, water, etc.

Now that you’ve saved some time gardening, you can put your feet up with a cold glass of iced tea and tune into a few shows on Netflix. I’m always inspired by How to Grow a Planet and What Plants Talk About. You can watch them both on Netflix since you don’t have to spend all that extra time in the garden.

Time saving gardening tips #StreamTeam

14 thoughts on “Time Saving Gardening Tips”

  1. These are all great time saving gardening tips. The only one that I would not do is container gardening, I don't like the way it looks. Thank you for sharing these tips.
  2. These are great gardening tips! I love your photos! I do not have much of a green thumb, however, I did have a tomato garden years ago. We had lots of great tomatoes! :)
  3. I always Plant perennial flowers in my yard that are shade resistant because it is so much cheaper instead of always putting out annuals. Also I pick petunias and marigolds to put in my flowering pots in the front yard. They are easy to take care of. Thanks for the gardening tips.
  4. Awesome time saving gardening tips, just about nailed it! We just finished up our flower beds and even added a bench to the snazzy makeover in our yard. We have planted so much this year. 

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