6 Easy Ways to Help your Community

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Looking for ways to help your community? Check out these easy ways that you can give back locally this year. Help your neighbors and the area you live in.

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Ways to help your community

6 Easy Ways to Help your Community

Marty and I are very blessed to be where we are today. When I was first married, we struggled. Money was always tight and there never seemed to be enough to get through the week. When Marty hurt his back and ended up on disability, we had some very difficult times living on what I made in a clerical job. We had to turn to our community several times for help and I’ve made it my mission to give back now that I can.

There are many ways to help your community. You don’t need to donate money in order to help. Organizations are always interested in having people donate their time and skills as well. When you can, involve the kids in your volunteering. It teaches them empathy and the importance of helping others and they can carry that with them as they grow up. Here are a few ways to help your community.

Volunteer at your local food shelf.

Our food shelf gives out groceries every week. Not only do they want donations of non-perishable food items and toiletries, they want volunteers to help package up the groceries and hand out the bags.

Help out at your child’s school.

Teachers love when parents help in the classroom. This is especially true when the kids are younger. If your child is older or you don’t have free time during school hours, schools love donations of paper products and school supplies.

Ways to help your community

Spend time with the animals at the local pet shelter.

Walk the dogs or spend some time playing with the cats. It’s great stress relief and helps the animals socialize. You can also donate cat litter, pet food and toys.

Help the elderly with shoveling or yard work.

This is a great way for your teen to help out in your community. It’s often difficult for the elderly to manage outdoor jobs that need to be done.

Volunteer at your local senior center.

Spend time with the seniors at your local senior center. If you’re crafty, lead a craft activity. If you’re musically inclined, volunteer to play the piano one evening.

6 Easy Ways to Help your Community

Pick up trash in parks.

Our state has a weekend every year where everyone goes out to the roadsides and local parks to pick up trash. It’s a great way to help out and the environment needs our help!

I’ve always taught the kids how important it is to give back. We’ve donated clothing to our local mission, food to the food shelf and pet supplies to our Humane Society. I’ve also brought the kids with me to package groceries at the food shelf and bring food donations to our homeless shelter.

I want them to understand that there are people who need our help and that it’s our responsibility to take care of them when we can.

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