The Legend of the Bayberry Candle

Being from New England, the legend of the Bayberry Candle is one of my favorite Christmas legends.  I thought it was one that everyone knew until I met my husband who grew up in Texas and had never heard of the legend of the bayberry candle.  For those of you who may not be familiar with it, I want to share it with you now.

The Legend of the Bayberry Candle

The Legend of the Bayberry Candle

Hundreds of years ago, when colonial families settled in New England, they began taking care of the chores that needed to be done to set up their homes.  Most of these chores fell to the women.  One of the chores that the women needed to take care of was making candles.  The average colonial home would need up to 400 candles to light the home for a year and these candles were made from the tallow or animal fat from the animals that were slaughtered during the year.

As you can imagine, tallow can have quite an odor after it has sat around for several months.  In richer families, the women would make their candles from beeswax or bayberry was because they small was much nicer than tallow. The women would gather bushes of bayberries and then boil them to let the waxy substance from the berries seep out.  The wax would rise to the top of the water and once it was cooled, it was skimmed off the top.   It took about 15 pounds of bayberries to make a pound of wax.  From this wax, the more well off families would make their winter candles.

Folklore says that if you light a brand new bayberry candle on Christmas Eve you will have health, wealth and prosperity for the new year.  You absolutely must burn it all the way down to the bottom.  The saying is “A bayberry candle burnt to the socket brings food to the larder and gold to the pocket.”  Whether or not this legend is true, I don’t know but most years, we will burn Bayberry candles as our Christmas candles.

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  1. Grown and Flown says:
    Going to the mall and smelling all the amazing candles is a fond childhood memory.  I don't have them around so much during the warmer months but I love to use them when the weather turns cold.  Great story, love the bit of history. 
  2. I need to get a bayberry candle!
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  4. jenny green says:
    I love the empire designer jar candle set
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  6. Amanda Sakovitz says:
    id buy the winter tree candles and the floating snowman candles
  7. I love the Holly Leaf Floating Candles - adorable!!
  8. What a nice story. I totally forgot about bayberry candles! I've been using pine scented ones for so long, I love bayberry scented candles. Gotta get some for Christmas!
  9. I like the candy cane pillar candles, but I'd probably get some bayberry candles, too. My mother always has bayberry candles at Christmas. 
  10. The Home Green Soy candle is nice!
  11. I would get the Christmas Tree Candles - Set of 3, and the Holly Double Spiral Beeswax Taper Candle
  12. sharon winne says:
    i like the Apple Halves Floating Candles  and the lollipop party candles
  13. I'd get a Empire Designer Jar Candle in Balsam Fir Scent!
  14. Carla Prine says:
    I would love to buy a Harvest Leaves Beeswax Pillar candle and Tuscany Fragranced pillar candles in all sizes!
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  16. Beeswax pine cone candles
  17. Donna Cheatle says:
    I would spend it on some of the Tuscany Scented Pillar Candles, both sizes.  I love scented candles!!
  18. I LOVE the Stacked Peppermint Candy candles. I would definitely get those!
  19. jeanette sheets says:
    candy cane pillar candles
  20. Thomas Murphy says:
    holiday striped pillars and christmas tree candles
  21. Gale Nelson says:
    love the candy cane and the winter trees
  22. Wow! There is so much to choose from.  The first two items on my list are the Ornament Ball Candles and the Metallic Tree Tapers.

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