Setting Health Goals You Can Achieve

Last Updated on July 30, 2022 by Ellen Christian

If you’re like me, you have problems setting health goals that you can really achieve. I know we all think we’re superwoman, but we’re not. And, setting ourselves up for failure isn’t good for our long-term health or our mental health. The goal should be to set realistic goals that are SMART: specific, measurable, assignable, relevant and time-based. But, how do we do that?

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Setting health goals you can really achieve

Setting Health Goals

We all have a variety of different health goals we hope to achieve. They may involve making better food choices, losing weight, getting more active, giving up bad behaviors or prioritizing self-care. My goal is to move more which is about more than just exercising. I’ve found myself working more hours than I should. And,  realize that I need to spend more time outside: walking, hiking, geocaching, wiggling my toes in the sand and just enjoying life.

Setting health goals you can really achieve

Specific goals

So, how do I make these goals SMART? I’d like to spend at least one hour a day outside in nice weather. That may mean working in the garden, taking a walk on the beach, or going for a walk around the neighborhood. I’m using the Amazfit Bip Smartwatch to track my stats and my heart rate while I’m exercising.

The Amazfit Bip has a 3-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor, a barometer, and even a compass. It can track my runs, cycling and more with mapped routes, detailed stats, and heart rate zones. Plus it lasts for 30 days on one battery challenge!

Setting Health Goals That You Can Really Achieve

Measurable goals

My goal is to move outside rather than sitting or staying still. This will help me stay active as I get older. The Amazfit Bip provides an at-a-glance view of the time, date, steps, weather, sports stats etc. That means it’s easier for me to keep track of how active I am. Check out this fun playlist to keep you moving. It worked for me when I walked on our local Rail Trail.

Setting health goals you can really achieve

Taking ownership

Goals need to be assignable and, in this case, it’s all my responsibility. One of the challenges I face is being away from my computer while I’m outside. Blogging is a fast-paced industry. Sometimes, you need to respond immediately to be the one chosen for the job. The Amazfit Bip allows me to receive notifications for calls, messages, emails, and other apps on the color touch display. I can ignore notifications that are not important but act on the ones that are.

Setting health goals that you can really achieve



Given the weather in Vermont, I’m allowing myself three months to achieve my goals. I know that once the snow starts I won’t be outside being active as much due to my asthma. Three months is enough time for me to get used to becoming more active.  There are a lot of healthy fall activities I can do as it gets cooler. After that, I can add indoor activity as part of setting health goals for myself.

Setting health goals you can really achieve

The Amazfit Bip is making setting health goals much easier. I love how interactive the watch is. The Mi Fit mobile app interacts with the Amazfit Bip to sync your data. Mi Fit can track your exercises and analyze your sleep & activity data. It’s available for both IOS and Android.

Setting health goals you can really achieve

Amazfit has a number of fun promotions going on this summer to give your body a boost. The sweepstakes gives participants a chance to earn awesome prizes for sharing photos of themselves doing the challenges. The program will also feature stories to motivate you as you start your fitness journey, a personality quiz to see which sports you should try this summer, giveaways, and promotions!

4 thoughts on “Setting Health Goals You Can Achieve”

  1. I have been walking to do my errands instead of driving and am fortunate to have short distances to walk to (1 to 2 miles then back) so it's not overwhelming. I found errands I can do in each direction (mail a letter, pay a bill, grocery store, drug store, and pet store!) Bonus that halfway through I can stop, do my errand, enjoy the air conditioning, usually get a sip of water, and then be on my way back home. I always take a backpack too so hopefully it's building some muscle and more endurance. I'm still using my old school watch and track the time only though.
    • I wish I could walk somewhere useful here. I'm about 3 miles from the closest corner store which is not that great for walking since it's very hilly.
  2. I love the size of this and it fits on the wrist. The fact that notification of calls and emails is a feature makes this seem like a great choice. I will check this out. I think we all need to enjoy the outside while the weather is great.

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