Recipes Using Fresh Basil Leaves in the Instant Pot

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If you’re looking for recipes using fresh basil leaves, check out the suggestions below that you can make in the Instant Pot.  I always plant a few pots of fresh basil in our garden because it’s used in so many different recipes. Basil is just one of those herbs that I prefer fresh rather than dried.

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Recipes Using Fresh Basil Leaves in the Instant Pot

Recipes Using Fresh Basil Leaves

These recipes using fresh basil leaves can be made in the Instant Pot which means they are perfect for busy nights. If you don’t already have an Instant Pot, you’ll want to add one to your wish list. Instant Pot is a programmable pressure cooker that seriously cuts out so much meal prep time that it’s become one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.

Instant Pot Italian Beef Dinner in less than an hour

I can have a meal like my Italian Beef Dinner on the table in less than an hour. Of course, you can do a lot of other things with it including learning how to make yogurt in an Instant Pot. There are a few different varieties of Instant Pots out there right now. I have the Smart WiFi 6 Quart version.

Fresh Basil Recipes Chicken

We eat a lot of chicken because it is low in fat which is important for my husband’s heart-healthy diet. We generally use leftover chicken from a previous meal. But, at times we use boneless and skinless chicken breast. This Lemon Basil Chicken and Rice recipe from Tastes Better From Scratch can be ready in only twenty minutes.

tomatoes and fresh basil with a wooden spoon

Fresh Basil Recipes Pasta

We don’t do a lot of pasta recipes since I try to follow the Paleo diet but at times we do splurge on pasta. This Chicken Margherita Pasta recipe from 365 Days of Slow Cooking looks like one that everyone in the house would enjoy. I love that she uses fresh grape tomatoes in this dish. You can have it ready in only nineteen minutes.

Recipes Using Fresh Basil Leaves in the Instant Pot

Basil Recipes Indian

When many people think of Indian recipes, they think of curry. But, there are some delicious Indian recipes that use fresh basil too. Check out the Pork Vindaloo Recipe recipe from Macheesmo. It’s made in a traditional pressure cooker but could easily be modified to work in the Instant Pot.

two bowls of tomato soup on a wooden table

Basil Recipes Vegetarian

Even if you’re not vegetarian, making a few vegetarian recipes each week is a great way to keep your food budget under control. This Tomato Soup recipe by Nora Cooks is vegan and can be made with fresh basil. If you’re vegetarian, you can always serve it with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Recipes Using Fresh Basil Leaves in the Instant Pot

Basil Recipes Healthy

Healthy means different things to different people. For me, I try to use minimally processed ingredients and avoid things like pasta, potatoes, and rice. This White Bean Stew recipe from Fat-Free Vegan sounds absolutely amazing. If you enjoy meat in your soup, you can always add whatever leftover meat you have cooked.

Recipes Using Fresh Basil Leaves in the Instant Pot

Fresh Basil Storage

I generally only snip the basil I need for cooking each recipe. That means the basil doesn’t really need to be stored. It just stays in the garden. You can plant a small pot in the kitchen and use the same method if you like. However, if you simply want to store it for a few days, you can store the leaves wrapped in a paper towel stored in a plastic baggie. Just keep them in the refrigerator and it should stay good for a few weeks. This glass herb keeper is very helpful as well.

Recipes Using Fresh Basil Leaves in the Instant Pot

What To Do With Lots of Basil

If you’re wondering what to do with lots of basil, check out my list of what to do with fresh basil. And, these tips for storing fresh herbs may help you as well.

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