25 Random Acts of Kindness at Christmas

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Giving back at Christmas is important to me. There were years that we had practically nothing and relied on the generosity of strangers to help us. Now that we aren’t in that situation any longer I try to include as many of these random acts of kindness ideas in my Christmas holiday routine.

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25 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas | Giving Back at Christmas

25 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas to Give Back at Christmas

Preparing for Christmas can be really stressful and I always appreciate it when someone does something nice to make my day a little bit easier.  These random acts of kindness ideas will give you a place to start.

There are a lot of different ways you can give back without spending a lot of money or devoting a lot of time. These suggestions are free or very low cost but will definitely put a smile on someone’s face.

Random acts of kindness ideas for strangers

  • Compliment the cashier in line when you pay for your purchase. Something simple like “What a pretty shirt!” works quite well. Be authentic though.
  • Let someone who looks rushed cut in front of you in line. This works well too for the Mom with a fussy child or the person with only one item.
  • Hold the door open for someone. It’s not just men that can do this. Lately, I think it’s a forgotten art.

cars merging in traffic in the city

  • Let someone merge in front of you in traffic.  This is especially wonderful to do during the hectic Christmas shopping time with all the extra traffic.
  • Say “thank you” with a smile. Thank the person who puts your groceries in the cart, the one that holds the door for you, the cashier that hands you your receipt, or your spouse that remembers to put his clothes in the dirty hamper.
  • Give to those in need. Go through the kid’s toys they’ve outgrown, clothes you no longer wear and books you no longer read and make a donation.
  • Return your cart to the front of the store instead of leaving it in the parking lot to get snowed or rained on. Someone will appreciate it.
  • Send a care package to a soldier. Too often they are forgotten during the holidays.

Pumpkin Sour Cream Coffee Cake for Holiday Entertaining

Simple random acts of kindness ideas for work or school

  • Bring treats to work or school one day. I’m sure your co-workers will appreciate a piece of coffee cake with their morning coffee.
  • Tape a few extra quarters to the front of a vending machine for the next person to use.
  • Leave your extra pennies in the penny dish at the register so the next person can use them.
  • Leave a paperback book or magazine you no longer want in a waiting room. Their stuff is always out of date. Make sure you remove your address first.

Free printable thank you cards for kids and how to make it fun

Random acts of kindness ideas for community

  • Write a thank-you note and not just for gifts. Remember to thank your stylist for a great haircut, the neighbor who shared their extra garden produce, your child’s Scout leader they look up to.
  • Round up. Many stores ask you if you’d like to round your purchase up to the next dollar as a donation to a cause. Will you really miss that .37 cents?

25 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas | Giving Back at Christmas

  • Put change in a parking meter if you notice it’s low. Leave a little note with a reminder to pass it on.
  • Give care packs to the homeless. Include things like toothpaste and toothpaste, a package of crackers, hand wipes, chapstick, hot cocoa mix or a teabag.
  • Leave your extra coupons at the grocery store. Some stores have boxes near the circulars for this purpose. You never know who might need what you don’t.

25 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas | Giving Back at Christmas

Random acts of kindness ideas for needy

  • Donate a bag or two of groceries to your local food pantry. Everyone needs a little bit of extra help in the winter.
  • Donate pet food, cat litter, pet toys or time to your local animal shelter. Even better, adopt a pet.
  • Send anonymous flowers to the receptionist at work. It’s a very under-thanked position. I’ve done it.
  • Stop by your local senior center and play a game or read a book with someone there. Too many have no family close by.
  • Adopt a child from a Christmas tree program. You know the one where you get a child’s name and age and you buy them a few toys?
  • Clean off someone’s windshield if it’s snowing. They’ll appreciate it.
  • Pick up trash at the park or on your next walk around the neighborhood.

The next time you’re having a stressful day this holiday, take a few moments to do one of these random actions of kindness ideas to make someone else’s day a little better.  Why not call your grandparents or your parents or your in-laws while you’re at it. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

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  2. I love this concept of random acts of kindness. I find that this is just as beneficial towards making my own day better, as well as spreading some happiness to others. Just a random smile can make a lot of different in our hectic and stressfull lives.
  3. I love this idea because it is so simple! It doesn't take planning or organization, just a few quarters and it can really make someone's day.
  4. We do not have too many parking meters around where I live but what an awesome idea! I like the idea of paying for someone else's meal behind you too. Great post!
  5. love love love it ellen!!  my kids even know to hold the door for others, i'm proud to say.  there are so many ways we can show kindness to others- without very much effort. i wish people remembered that more often 
  6. What an awesome list! I love seeing people do things for others...it really only takes a second to be nice. I know it's meant so much to me when someone has let me go ahead of them at the grocery store when I had a fussy baby and I've enjoyed treats brought in by co-workers, too! It's the litlte things that mean so much and I'm happy to do them whenever I can. :) 
  7. I absolutely love your list of random acts of kindness. You often hear about someone paying the ticket for the car behind them in a fast-food line but you've given many real expense-free ways to spread a little kindness without spending a dime. Oh if everyone would try to do at least one each day, what a wonderful world this would be! Thanks for sharing this with the Fluster's Creative Muster hop, hope to see you next week! ~Taylor-Made Ranch Homestead~ Texas
  8. I love your list! I bought the person behind me, their breakfast this morning. I think it's nice when things like this happens. It sparks a chain reaction. Hopefully the person behind me this morning did something nice too.

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