Quackgrass Killer Recipe That is Pet Safe

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This quackgrass killer recipe is safe for your pets and effective on both your lawn and your driveway or patio area. Get rid of quackgrass easily.

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Quackgrass Killer Recipe That is Pet Safe

Quackgrass Killer

While you’re getting your garden in shape, don’t forget to check out these lawn mower maintenance tips to get your lawn ready.

This quack grass killer will help control weeds in your lawn or wherever they grow. I have a problem with weeds growing around our front steps.

Since our steps are concrete, the weeds grow up between the steps and in cracks. This can also be a problem for people who have driveways with cracks. 

As much as I love gardening, I cannot stand weeding. I’ve written before about choosing the best mulch and how important that is to keep weeds under control.

There are lots of time-saving gardening tips like this quackgrass killer that can make gardening more fun.

How to identify quackgrass

There are lots of different perennial grass weeds that you’ll find in your lawn. Quackgrass is a creeping perennial grass which means that if you don’t catch it quickly, it will overtake your lawn.

It resembles crabgrass but it has long, tapered blades that are attached to a hollow stem. Check out the video for a few tips on how to identify it.

You may also find weeds like crab grass, broadleaf weeds or Bermuda grass. This weed killer will work well on all sorts of weeds including broadleef plants. And, best of all, it has no glyphosate in it.

spraying homemade weed killer on weeds

FAQ about quackgrass

How do you kill quackgrass naturally?

The problem with killing quackgrass naturally is that even though you kill the weed on the surface of the lawn, the rhizomes underneath are not dead. You will need to remove them to be one hundred percent certain that they don’t come back next year. I have used plain vinegar. And, I just do not find it as effective as this quackgrass killer recipe.

Will Roundup kill quackgrass?

Yes, it will along with everything else in your yard. It will also seep down into your water supply and destroy insects and aquatic animals in local lakes and streams. Please use this quack grass killer recipe instead.

Will boiling water kill quackgrass?

No. The boiling water will kill the weed on the surface of the lawn, but it won’t get deep into your lawn to kill the rhizomes.

close up photo of spraying weeds

How do you will quackgrass without killing grass?

You need to be very careful with your application. You can use a small paintbrush to paint just the leaves of the weeds. Then, when they are dead, very carefully dig up the rhizomes to be sure it doesn’t come back next year.

Does vinegar kill quackgrass?

Yes, vinegar will kill quackgrass but it is more effective mixed with dish soap. 

weeds growing through a sidewalk near a spray bottle of weed killer

How do you apply this quackgrass killer?

If you have an area that you want nothing to grow in at all like your steps or your driveway, you can apply this weed killer with a spray bottle. But, if you have an area that you have other growing things in like your lawn or your garden, you will want to apply it with a paintbrush. That way, it won’t kill the other plants. Eventually, the rain will wash away the vinegar and dish soap and the area will be clear to grow in again.

Quackgrass doesn’t respond well to a selective weed killer. You will need to use a weed killer recipe that kills ALL weeds in order to deal with it. Then, when it’s dead you must dig up the rhizomes or it will simply come back again. 

vinegar, blue dish liquid, and teaspoons in the grass

Making this homemade quackgrass killer recipe

It’s very easy to make this quackgrass killer.  I love saving money on gardening so I can put the extra into buying more gardening tools and accessories.


Quackgrass Killer Recipe That is Pet Safe


  1. Mix 4 cups of white vinegar with 1 tablespoon Dawn dish soap.
  2. Mix well.
  3. Pour into a clean spray bottle.
  4. Label your bottle. 

Quackgrass Killer Recipe That is Pet Safe

How to use this homemade weed killer

Avoid saturating the grass and flowers with this quack grass killer. You can use this weed killer around grass and flowers but do not apply directly to them. It may burn the grass/flowers.

Apply the weed killer in the morning so it has time to heat up as much as possible during the day.

Check the forecast for rain. This mixture does best when it has the chance to sit on the weeds for 24 hours.

After 24-48 hours, your weeds will become dark and shriveled up.  

Dig up the rhizomes to be sure they don’t come back next year.

This quackgrass killer recipe is safe for your pets and effective on both your lawn and your driveway or patio area. Get rid of quackgrass easily.

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