Pink Jewel Personalized Vanity Tray

Last Updated on September 23, 2020 by Ellen Christian

I struggle each year with what to get my Grandmother. She has got to be one of the most difficult women I have ever shopped for. She’s diabetic so any type of candy or food item isn’t a great idea for her. She’s 92 so it’s not like there is all that much that she needs. She has wonderful taste in clothes and jewelry and even at her age, she enjoys looking her best. I couldn’t even begin to buy her an outfit or jewelry because she’s very particular about her style.

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I recently came across a gorgeous Pink Jewel Personalized Vanity Tray that I think she would just love. She has a variety of perfumes and beauty products that she likes to display on her dresser and I think she’d really enjoy being able to place them on this vanity tray. It’s a mirrored glass tray that can be completely personalized plus there is room for a personal message that is sand etched into the glass.

The tray is 12″ by 5″ and on each end near the handles are jeweled flower and butterfly embellishments. It’s the perfect size to set on your dresser without being so large that it takes up the whole thing. It’s more than big enough for her to set her perfumes and lotions on.  The embellishments give the vanity tray such a beautiful, feminine look that I know is exactly her style. You can get up to six lines of personalization on the vanity tray so there’s plenty of room on there to write a message for her. This is really a gorgeous choice for the hard to buy for woman.

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