Organic Sustainable Witch Hazel

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Witch Hazel is an astringent that’s produced from the North American Witch Hazel shrub. As an astringent it can be used on bumps, scratches, acne, diaper rash, poison ivy & oak, bug bites and has a wide variety of other uses. It’s used in facial care, hair care, masculine care, body care and also has veterinary and pharmaceutical uses.

The native wild range is the Eastern US through Appalachian Mountains south to the northern Florida Panhandle and west from the mountains into Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, western Kentucky, eastern Missouri, eastern Oklahoma and eastern Texas. Witch Hazel grows along creeks, streams and waterways where gravel builds up.

As with any other plant harvest, it’s vital that we make sure there is a sustainable harvest. The witch hazel from is sustainably wild crafted and organically produced.  They harvest by hand, carefully select the freshest and finest parts of the plants . They quickly return the whole harvest to their facility and distill fresh wild flowers and plants native to the Ozarks.  They do not strip the forest. There is no roller chopping, skidding, or destruction on their lands.  In addition to distilling certified organic witch hazel, they blend with other wild flowers, like yarrow or elderflowers.

Their Witch Hazel can be purchased in a variety of sizes from a 2 ounce spray bottle to a gallon container. They also offer a variety of dried herbs including elderflower and wild bergamont.

Witch Hazel is a very versatile astringent and I recommend everyone have some in their first aid kit and their medicine chest.   Please support sustainable harvests and organic growth by shopping at  It’s better for you and better for the planet.  The people at are so friendly and easy to work with that it’s a joy to shop their site.

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