Natural Pet Care Challenge

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Love your pet? Want the best for them? Consider natural pet care. Making more natural choices in my life is a priority. The choices we make in our lives effect not only how we feel but our impact on our planet. When we make choices for our children and our pets, our choices impact their lives as well. I know, there is only so much you can do. You’re trying to deal with the house, the kids, a job and your husband all the while juggling the rest of your responsibilities. It’s not easy and there are only so many hours in the day. I get that.

Natural pet care challenge

Natural Pet Care Challenge

I’m asking you to take a natural pet care challenge with me. Wait, before you start thinking that you just don’t have time, read a little bit further. You don’t need to make a huge change, although you can if you want to.  Take just a minute today or the next time you shop for pet supplies and think about natural pet care.

Look at the ingredients on the package of pet food or treats you normally buy.  Do you know what the ingredients are? Are they healthy ingredients for your pet?  Could you buy a higher quality pet food with more natural ingredients that would help your pet feel better, lose weight or have a glossier coat?

Natural pet care challenge

If you have a fussy pet and cannot easily change their food, can you change their treats to something that is more natural? Could you add a natural supplement or a vitamin to their diet to aid in digestion or health? I know I take vitamins and supplements to stay healthy.  This is an easy change to make that can really help improve your pet’s health.

If your pet is given enough low quality food, over time it will impact their health. Just like we don’t want to live on lower quality food (think boxed macaroni and cheese and TV dinners), it’s not good for our pets either. Pets are a part of the family and deserve the same quality products and quality of life as everyone else.

Natural Pet Care Challenge

Only Natural Pet products meet a rigorous set of ingredient standards that keep out chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, allergens, and anything artificial (flavors, colors, sweeteners, etc.). Only Natural Pet uses fresh meats, fresh fruits and veggies, free range and cage-free meats and no added antibiotics or hormones. The Only Natural Pet product line is available on Visit them today to learn more and take a natural pet care challenge with me.


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  1. We don't have any furry pets at the moment (just a couple of fish).  But I'll definitely pass this info along to my in-laws, who do!

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