Natural Fiber Sweater Care Tips

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Fall is here, and the temperatures are dropping. My sweaters are seeing more and more use now that the colder weather is here. My preference is for natural fiber sweaters for their warmth and because I prefer natural products. Unfortunately, many natural fiber sweaters require special care, or they’ll be ruined. You can stop doing these five things that ruin your sweaters by following these simple natural fiber sweater care tips.

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Natural Fiber Sweater Care Tips

Natural Fiber Sweater Care Tips

First, what is a natural fiber sweater? Natural fibers include things like cotton, silk, sheep wool, alpaca, linen, cashmere, and blends of these fibers. Shirts made from these fibers tend to last much longer than those made from man-made fibers, but they do require special care.

  • Don’t ignore the care labels. If it says dry clean only, you risk destroying it by throwing it in the washer and dryer.
  • Never ring it dry. If the care label says to wash by hand, never ring it dry. You’ll ultimately destroy the fit of the sweater.
  • Do not hang them on a hanger. A sweater will distort the natural lines of your sweater. Fold gently and store flat in a bag designed to keep out moths.
  • Don’t wash them each time you wear them. Natural fiber sweaters should be laundered only when they get dirty. If you wear the sweater over another shirt, to keep your body oils from getting on it, you don’t need to wash it each time you wear it.
  • Use a sweater shaver very lightly. Natural fiber shirts tend to pill and a sweater shaver can be helpful for removing them. Pressing too hard while using the sweater shaver can result in tears to your sweater.

Now that you know how to care for your natural fiber sweaters, you’ll be all set for the cooler weather.

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Natural Fiber Sweater Care Tips

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  1. So true about don't hang it on a hanger.  I pulled several sweaters out of my closet to wear already this year, and the sleeves were mis-shaped because of the hanger.  I also like the tip to wear something under the sweater and not to wash each time it is worn.

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