Movie Night Ideas

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Looking for movie night ideas? Check out these movie night ideas and learn more about how to make family night fun for everyone.

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Marty and I are always looking for movie night ideas.  Because our kids are teenagers, we occasionally find ourselves home alone at night with no kids fighting over the television.

Movie Night Ideas

Movie Night Ideas

Marty and I love to watch movies but it’s a rare evening when we get to choose one ourselves.  When it does happen, I search for movie night ideas to make the most of it. A lot of the movie night ideas I find are geared toward children or families.  Planning a movie night for adults is a little different.

  • Figure out a theme.  Are you going to go for a romantic evening alone or a scary fright night for two?  Are you going to watch one movie or make it a marathon night of several movies?
  • Snack time.  You absolutely cannot have a movie night without considering snack time.  Whether you choose traditional popcorn, candy and soda or a make it a homemade pizza night, make sure you stock up on your family’s favorite snacks.
  • Make the area inviting. We watch movies in the living room which varies in the amount of clutter it has based on how busy I am. Before we have our movie night, I tidy up a bit.  The pillows get plumped.  The blanket gets folded. The kids stuff gets removed from the coffee table.   I light a few votive candles and make sure we have coasters available for our drinks.  I don’t want to get ready to sit down and enjoy movie night only to have to remove my son’s hoodie or my daughter’s laptop from the sofa.
  • Decide what movie you’re watching. This can be one of the biggest challenges we have.  For the most part, Marty and I have the same taste in movies.  We enjoy science fiction movies and the occasional horror/thriller.  We are both huge movie buffs and watch movies regularly.  Because of this, we have a tough time choosing a movie we haven’t already watched.  We have picked out some real *winners* in our time. I hate when we get all ready for movie night and put the movie in only to get five minutes into it and realize it’s not worth watching.

We check out what the movie critics have to say about a  movie before we get it but it’s hard to know which critic you should listen to.  I found a new tool that makes the process of figuring out what critic to listen to a little easier.  That means we won’t be wasting our movie night watching mediocre movies.

8 thoughts on “Movie Night Ideas”

  1. Homemade pizza is always a bit hit in our home, along with finger foods (think super bowl snacks). We've also learned the hard way to plan on maybe watching one movie for every two or three we've selected for the evening.
  2. Finding a movie to watch is sometimes the hardest part of movie night! Even with Netflix, finding something we haven't seen that we both feel like watching can be difficult. And Netflix doesn't have the MST3K episodes any more, which used to be our fallback!
  3. Homemade pizza is always a winner! I also like popcorn with different toppings, as it can be fun to create new flavor combinations.

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