How a Medical Alarm Necklace Provides Peace of Mind

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Have you wondered about using a medical alarm necklace? It’s something that many people consider when for loved ones that are elderly or disabled. Years ago, when Marty hurt his back, we had no idea that a disability would have such a large impact on our lives. We have had to make changes to what we do and don’t do. And, we’ve considered how he can get help if I’m not there. This post has been sponsored by Bay Alarm Medical.

How a Medical Alarm Necklace Provides Peace of Mind

Medical Alarm Necklace

My husband is very independent. For the most part, besides a limp and weakness in one leg, he is very mobile. He doesn’t like asking for help or admitting that he needs help at times. I can understand that completely. But, there are times that he does need help. Weakness in his leg has caused several falls. And, while he hasn’t hurt himself badly, I worry that he might. And, I worry that I won’t be there if he needs me. Find out more about a solution.

How a Medical Alarm Necklace Provides Peace of Mind

He certainly doesn’t need someone to be there all the time like a home health aide. But, it would be nice if there were some way he could get help if I wasn’t at home with him. A Mobile GPS Help Button is a perfect answer.

You may remember last year, I spoke about being able to try the Bay Alarm In Home Medical Alert. It really helped give me peace of mind when I was traveling and not able to be at home during the day. I still worried when Marty was out running errands around town that he would need help. Winter can be a treacherous time of year for slips and falls. With the Mobile GPS Help Button that’s available now, I feel confident that he can get help if he needs it. And, if necessary, the GPS can help locate him if he cannot tell us where he is.

The Bay Alarm Mobile GPS Help Button is on a lanyard, so it’s sturdy and comfortable. Or, the alarm itself can be removed from the lanyard and worn on your belt if you prefer. The alarm has a built-in GPS which makes this ideal for someone who is caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. It lasts 72 hours on a single charge. There is even an optional device you can get with built-in fall detection. The whole In-Home Medical Alert system can be installed by you. You don’t need to have your home wired or have a technician do this for you. Get more information today.

How a Medical Alarm Necklace Provides Peace of Mind
I love how customizable Bay Alarm is to our needs. There is an in-home medical alert unit that we can use that has built-in, high-output speaker, and an ultra-sensitive microphone that allows crystal clear 2-way communication during an emergency. This can be placed anywhere near a phone line. You just press the button in case of emergency to speak with someone. You can use this with the Mobile GPS Help Button or choose to use just the In-Home Medical Alert unit if you prefer. The Bundle Package is a great affordable option for someone who is looking for at home and cell coverage.

How a Medical Alarm Necklace Provides Peace of Mind

If you’re caring for someone that is elderly or disabled, Bay Alarm offers you several solutions for peace of mind. When my Grandmother was elderly, she used a medical alarm after falling in the bathroom. I’m so thankful that she had something like this to turn to. Find out more.

Have you considered a medical alarm necklace?


  1. My grandparents are really getting up in age and this would be the perfect gift for them. This would provide peace of mind for them and for the rest of the family.
  2. My mom has one of these necklaces and it does comfort me she has it since I can't be there to help her. Many of the skilled nursing facilities I've worked in also provide access to them or let families know they are available, so glad they are recommended and well-accepted by most communities.
    • Ellen Christian says
      They really can be a huge help. My Mom fell on the ice last year & was there for 15 minutes until my Dad noticed. I am trying to convince her to get one.
      • Oh no, that's awful! I hope you can convince her, or at least to try a trial period. It is so dangerous to be out in the elements with no help, especially injured. Good luck and maybe your dad can help convince her.
  3. Melissa Storms says
    A medical alarm device really is a great idea. Years ago my grandmother fell and broke her hip while my grandfather was out of the home for several hours. It still breaks my heart to know she lay there, unable to get help for hours and hours until my grandfather got home. Though she never had another fall like that it gave us all piece of mind to know she had a way to get help with her medical alarm after that.

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