How to Keep Your Litterbox from Overwhelming Your Home

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If you have multiple cats in your family, you’re probably wondering how to keep your litterbox from overwhelming your home. I know that this can be an issue in my home with three cats even though we are very careful to clean it regularly. No one likes opening the front door and being able to smell the cat box odors. Before I had cats, I used to think that cat odors meant the litterbox wasn’t being kept as clean as it should be. Now that I’m a cat owner, I know that even if you scoop the litterbox after each use, you’ll probably be able to notice cat odors in your home. Don’t give up because there are ways that you can minimize the odors from your cats and their litterbox with these tips. How to keep your litterbox from overwhelming your home

How to Keep Your Litterbox from Overwhelming Your Home

The important thing to remember when dealing with litterbox odors is that consistency is important. You need to follow these tips regularly to notice an improvement. Following them for a day or two and then stopping will only help so much. Create a routine where you follow these tips every day and you’ll soon notice that there are fewer times you notice cat box odors.

  • Scoop the box daily. Scoop the waste from your litterbox daily or more frequently to help reduce odors. The longer waste sits in the litterbox, the more noticeable the odors will be in your home.
  • Replace the litter twice a week. Even if you scoop the litter multiple times a day, the litter should still be emptied out and replaced completely at least twice a week. Once a week, during this process wash the litterbox with warm soapy water to remove any bacteria. Don’t use an ammonia-based cleaner as this can make the odors worse.

How to keep your litterbox from overwhelming your home

  • Get a new litterbox once a year. Over time, your cats’ claws will leave marks in the bottom of the litterbox. These marks can hold bacteria and cause the litterbox to retain odors. Invest in a new litterbox once a year or when you notice the old one is worn.
  • Put the litterbox in a well ventilated area. Despite what you may think putting the litterbox in a small, enclosed area won’t help reduce odors. It just makes the odors build up and it won’t be a pleasant place for your cat to visit which can lead to marking incidents in other areas of your home.
  • Choose a cat litter that’s intended to help control odors. Finally, you can make litter odors vanish for good. Count on the strength of Fresh Step® partnered with the power of Febreze™ to not just mask odors, but truly eliminate them. That’s right, litter odors will be unsmellable at last.

How to keep your litterbox from overwhelming your home Fresh Step® with the power of Febreze™ offers 10-Day Continuous Odor Control GUARANTEED† – †for complete terms and conditions, see You get ClumpLock™ Odor Technology with a lower dust formula vs. the previous formula. I love how Fresh Step® with the power of Febreze™ helps control odors even with three cats. How to keep your litterbox from overwhelming your home From March 6th to March 12th, when you buy two Fresh Step® with the power of Febreze™ Available at Target, you’ll receive a $5 Gift Card. Learn more today.

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  1. A quality litter is essential! Seriously! My Dad just gets the cheap stuff for his cat and it is horrible the smell! We always encourage him to get a better brand.
  2. WE used to foster cats, and I can say from experience that FreshStep is the best litter out there. We tried a different brand, and our noses paid for it!
  3. I had no clue you were supposed to replace your litter box in addition to the litter. I need to recommend all of these to my mom. She's got 2 cats that are hers, plus some neighborhood cats that have decided that they're hers!
  4. We have two cats and two litter boxes. Fresh Step is one of my goto brands and I have been wondering how this one with Febreze smelled.
    • It really helps with the cat box odors. I've tried other brands but they just don't stand up when it comes to odor control for multiple cats.
  5. OH MY FRIEND totally needs this. she loves her kitties but the smell can be so overwhelming. i am gonna pass this along. 

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