Identity Theft is Real and Frightening

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Identity theft #LifeLockProtect
I like to think I’m a careful person when it comes to my finances.  I have long, complicated passwords.  I only shop on secure websites. I make sure that no one is looking over my shoulder when I am using my credit card. I try to take steps to be certain that identity theft doesn’t happen to me.  I thought that would be enough.  People that are careful aren’t victims of identity theft, right? But they really are. This post has been sponsored.

Identity theft #LifeLockProtect

Identity Theft is Real and Frightening

Like many busy women, I do many of my financial transactions online.  I don’t have to drive to the bank or write out bills and put them in an envelope with a stamp to travel to another state.  I shop online to save time  and gas money. Extra time isn’t something that I have a lot of so I try to save minutes here and there whenever I can.

One morning, I was going through my debit card transactions and found one I didn’t recognize.  Since I’m the only one that uses it, it send up a big red flag. I quickly called customer service for more information. I learned that this charge was for a store that I hadn’t visited and in a state that I didn’t live in. They quickly reversed the charge since it was clear that it wasn’t mine but now what? How did someone get my number and what if they used it again?

The customer service representative recommended I cancel the card and they would issue me a new one.  I quickly agreed since I didn’t want another charge to go through or allow them access to any more of my personal information. Now I had a problem though. That debit card is how I pay for bills and groceries and gas for the car. It’s the only one I have and now I have to do without it for ten to fourteen days while they mail me a new one.  What was I going to do without access to my money for ten to fourteen days? My income is all automatically deposited and the bank I use is online so it’s not like I can drive to a local branch.

Identity theft #LifeLockProtectIdentity theft #LifeLockProtect
I know that this situation could have been much worse.  At the most, this was an annoying inconvenience for me. The money was put back into my account and my new card showed up in about ten days. It really could have been much worse.A friend actually had someone open new accounts using her name and run up bills using her name – lots of them. It took a long time to make people understand that she wasn’t the person that opened the accounts or ran up those bills. Something like that can really destroy your credit history and your life.

Identify theft is a real issue and it can happen to anyone – even you. You can sign up for LifeLock identity theft protection and receive 10% off using a LifeLock promotion code (LifeLocksecure)on the LifeLock site. <——– Please visit the site now for more information.


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  1. Identity theft is a real issue and will only become worse as we make more of our transactions online.  Ultimately the laws will have to change to protect the consumer and make it easier to undo the damage they do.
  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says
    That is my worst nightmare.  I use my debit card for EVERYTHING and I worry that if someone ever stole my card number & I ended up having to cancel my card because of it, I would have to wait to be able to have access to my money.
  3. Amber Edwards says
    Lifelock is the best company out there when it comes to protecting identity. We have had a lot of military contacts recommend it too. We've had our debit card info stolen before and that was not fun. Thankfully our bank was able to catch it super quickly and we got our money back without any hassle. 
  4. I have life lock now. A couple of years ago someone stole everything I had then I had bill collectors calling me every day for payments. It was insane and most of all it was scary. I think everyone should be more worried about keeping their identify safe.
  5. Mama to 5 BLessings says
    This is scary, it has happened to my husband before a few times. I have seen this service on t.v. before, sounds like a wonderful solution!
  6. Brittany W says
    Something similar recently happened to me and my fiancé. It was really stressful, and I don't know anyone got our card number. It could have been worse, but it still wasn't something I would like to experience again.
  7. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos says
    It's so scary! I lost my wallet late last year and I was freaked right out and still worry about it. Great post!
  8. It seems like thieves are getting more and more clever and brazen. You can't do too much to protect yourself!
  9. Identity Theft is so scary! I know so many people who have had their identity stolen. I do everything I can to protect myself, but people just seem to get more sneaky every year.
  10. anna critchley says
    This is a huge issue. While I haven't had full-blown identity theft, I've had fraud on my credit card many times. It's the new scare that comes with new technology. Super important and informative post- thank you!
  11. Dawn Lopez says
    Identity theft is not only real and scary, it's frustrating and such a huge issue that's becoming more of a regular occurrence for people which is not okay! It makes me wonder if these people spent as much time trying to do GOOD for people and society instead of BAD, what types of positive and uplifting things could be done?
  12. So much of our lives are online now. It is scary how easy it is to have our identity stolen.
  13. Our credit card company watches our account pretty closely for us.  As we do a lot of online banking and shopping it's lots of transactions to keep track of but they always catch things that are out of the ordinary.  Lifelock offers a huge piece of mind for something that is so common (sadly) and can be extremely hard to overcome!
  14. We have had two incidents where people have stolen our CC numbers and that was sickening... I can't imagine someone stealing our whole identity. So super-scary
  15. Amy Desrosiers says
    I have had this happen to myself too! The people lived in England which was so weird. Thank God it all worked out ok.
  16. Nancy Lustri (StyleDecor) says
    Very scary. LifeLock sounds like a lifesaver.  We can all use extra identity theft protection.  I have one debit card, but I never use it. I keep it around for emergencies and luckily haven't needed to use it. We've had credit card theft problems twice, but the credit card company picked up on it right away, took care of it, and sent out new cards. Phew!!  
  17. Tammilee T says
    I had my identity stolen a few years ago and it was crazy. It took so much time to get it fixed and my credit report straightened out. I can't imagine how much money it ended up costing me. 
  18. Emily @ Baby Dickey says
    We do have LifeLock and keep an eye on all that stuff. When I was in college, I could NOT get approved for a new credit card, every application was denied and I couldn't figure it out. I finally called one and they said it was because TWO names appeared when they checked my social security number. What.a.mess. It was nearly impossible to prove that I was really me. Thankfully no money was stolen and my credit wasn't ruined or anything... so once it was straightened out, all was okay. But scary!
  19. Jennifer Soltys says
    Identity theft is most definitely a very scary and real thing that is sadly becoming more and more normal in society. It's so unfortunate that we have to add something else to worry about in an already stressful and hectic life!
  20. it's so scary!!!  my friend's SSN got stolen- she only found out because she got a congrats on your new wireless account letter from verizon- except their phones are with verizon already- in her husbands name.  had that letter not come...she might not have known 
  21. Amanda @ Mommy Of Two Little Monkeys says
    Lifelock is such a great product. I love the peace of mind from identity theft. Scary stuff. 
  22. I've had those false charges numerous times over the years and I did what you did. I canceled the cards and ordered new ones. That wait is hard though!
  23. It is so scary. I am only just starting to be more proactive and paying attention. Who knows how many things I have missed over the years
  24. Onica {MommyFactor} says
    It's scary to think about having me identity stolen. Thankfully there's services like this to help protect me.
  25. Identity theft is a scary thing to have to deal with. Thanks for the tips!! 
  26. Stefani Tolson says
    I had my wallet stolen before and it was a nightmare. I actually have been using Lifelock for a couple years now. Great service!

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