How to Play Gravestone Bingo

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I grew up living next to a cemetery and used to spend many afternoons wandering through the cemetery looking at all the different gravestones. A fun game to play is Gravestone Bingo but it’s VERY important to make sure that those playing understand that the cemetery is somewhere we need to show respect. There is never to be any running, climbing or sitting on or otherwise being loud while in the cemetery.

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How to play gravestone bingo

How to Play Gravestone Bingo

Consider Gravestone Bingo a way to get a nice walk in on a fall day rather than a place to run and play. For this reason, I would play this game with other adults versus children. You can offer a prize of a gift card to a local coffee shop to the winner.

  • You can draw a bingo card and make copies or use a simple list on a piece of paper. Add 10 things that people should find on the gravestones (Died in the 1800s, Man and Woman Buried Together, Fresh Flowers on the Grave, Poem on the Gravestone, etc.)
  • Set a time limit. I recommend about an hour.
  • Have everyone wander through the cemetery and check off the items as they find them.
  • Prize goes to the person who has the most check marks at the end of the hour.

How to play gravestone bingo

Castleton has lots of interesting historic cemeteries to wander through. Last time I was in Boston, I visited one of their historic cemeteries too. I love the decorative tombstones they had there as well.

Before you leave, take a final look around the cemetery and make sure that you’ve left it in exactly the same condition it was when you got there. Now everyone can enjoy a hot coffee or cup of hot chocolate to warm up.

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How to play gravestone bingo game

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  1. I love taking pictures in old cemeteries. It gets you making up stories about the people or just wondering what happened. This is a fun idea and I never heard of it
  2. I love walking through old cemeteries. We used to have an old family burial in our backyard  when I was growing up that dated to the early 1800s.

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