How to Add Color Without Clutter in 5 Steps

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Can you add color without clutter? According to the LA Times, there are 300,000 items in the average American home.

Does that statistic shock you? Before I began decluttering, it would have surprised me but not now. For the past year, my husband and I have been working on reducing the clutter and busyness in our home. You won’t see any more piles of paper or plastic figurines. Gone are the days boxes hidden behind couches and “organizers” to contain the mess. This post has been sponsored but the story is my own.

How to Add Color Without Color in 5 Steps

How to Add Color Without Color in 5 Steps

Our goal isn’t to have a home that is stark white walls with only shades of neutrals thrown in every now and then. I love color as long as the area is peaceful and decluttered.  Thankfully, it is possible to add color without clutter. These are the five easy steps that I use.

  • Remove the clutter. Eliminating the clutter is the first step. The color you add will be lost in a sea of other colors if the area isn’t decluttered first.
  • Clean the area. Colors will stand out more if the area is clean. Wash the windows. Dust and polish the wood. Remove fingerprints and scuff marks.

How to Add Color Without Color in 5 Steps

  • Choose solid backgrounds. A green plant will stand out more against a solid color wall than a busy wallpaper pattern.
  • Pick useful items. Color can come from a useful item like a box of tissues or a bottle of hand wash just as easily as it can from a plastic souvenir.
  • Quality over quantity. Instead of having 5 inexpensive vases, choose one vase that is truly what you want. Then use it rather than packing it away for some day.

How to add color without clutter in 5 easy steps

How to add color without clutter in 5 easy steps


  1. These are great tips for bringing color into the home. We use Method and love their products!
  2. These are such awesome ideas. I have such a cluttered mind, I need the space around me to be clean and functional... which it is currently NOT. I'll definitely be using these tips and Method to add functional colors!
  3. great photos - your home looks so bright and colorful! I wish we had that much lifht in our kitchen!
  4. I love color in my house. I don't line the clutter though. Great ideas. 
  5. Debi Gerhart says
    All great tips for interior design ideas! Your photos look wonderful! Our clutter is kind of part of us, I don't know what we'd do without it I think the house would feel empty! 
  6. Candice Dyer says
    I really love this idea! Clutter is something I have a huge problem with!

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