How to Organize Your Video Games and DVDs

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With four grown children living in my home, you cannot even begin to understand how important it is to organize your video games and DVDs. Everywhere I go, I see stacks of movies, games, reference books, and controllers. Everyone has their own favorites, and no one wants to get rid of any of them. 

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How to Organize Your Video Games and DVDs

Organize Your Video Games and DVDs

Of course, the first step in organizing anything is to declutter. While the kids rarely want to get rid of their video games and DVDs, there were a few that they had outgrown that they were willing to sell. If you prefer not to sell them, your local library may be willing to take them as donations. Otherwise, try to give them away to someone locally who can use them.


Once you’ve decluttered the ones that you don’t want any longer, go through your collection and make sure that everything you have works properly. My son found several empty cases with no contents anywhere to be found. There is no sense in keeping an empty case.

This DVD storage box is a great help in keeping everything together neatly.

Find Documentation

Gather all of the documentation and put it back where it belongs. Many DVDs and video games come with instruction booklets or promotional materials. We don’t always keep the promotional paperwork that comes along with the DVDs but the kids usually keep the ones for their video games to refer to in the future.

They often take notes about different hacks that work in the games. We tuck these papers in the video game cases as well. Some people choose to get rid of the case and documentation and store all of their video games in a sleeve instead. While this does save room, it makes it difficult to sell in the future.

How to Organize Your Video Games and DVDs

Like with Like

Do you have WWE 1 through 6? If so, keep games in the same series together. You can elastic band them together if you’re storing them in a basket or bin. Or, you can simply stack them together if you’re using a shelf.

Either way, it will help you to find things in the future if you store like with like. The same holds true for reference books. My husband loves Everquest and has quite a few reference books to go along with the games. I prefer to keep mine stored out of the way to eliminate clutter.


The key to organization is to have things convenient and easy to find. That means you need to store them in a place and way that you will continue to use. If you have a bookcase or entertainment center, stack the games neatly there.

If you don’t have either of these available, consider storing your games and DVDs in baskets or soft-sided bins for easy access. You can keep the basket near the couch or in the corner of your room depending on how often you use them. The same is true for controllers, 3D glasses, extra cords, etc.

How do you organize your video games and DVDs?

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