Home HVAC Maintenance Tips for Busy Homeowners

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Home HVAC maintenance is important to make sure that your heating and cooling system runs properly all year long. In Vermont, our winters are long and cold. And, the thought of being without our heating system is not a pleasant one. Our heating system is something I don’t really think about. It comes on. It heats up the house. And, it goes off. As long as it continues to work properly, it’s all good.

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Home HVAC Maintenance Tips for Busy Homeowners

Home HVAC Maintenance Tips

These home HVAC maintenance tips will help ensure that your heating ventilation and cooling system runs smoothly all year long. Some are things that you can take care of yourself. But, others you will need to work with a qualified technician to keep your system working properly.

Check the Filters

During the heating and cooling season, you should be checking and changing your filters regularly. You can use re-usable filters or disposable filters depending on the type of system you use. But, either way, proper airflow is important if your system is going to stay in good working order. Most furnace manufacturers recommend you install new air filters every 1-3 months, especially during the coldest half of the year.

Clear the Area

If your HVAC system is outside, it’s important that you clear the area around it. That will make it easy to access and allow the air to circulate. Be sure to mow the grass, remove any debris and trim trees and shrubs that may obstruct air flow.

Clean the Coils

Be sure to clean the evaporator and condenser coils regularly. Did you know that dirty coils can increase your energy consumption as much as 30% according to the Department of Energy? while you’re there, make sure that you can the vents and registers too.

Home HVAC Maintenance Tips for Busy Homeowners

Programmable Thermostat

We recently installed a programmable thermostat and we love it. We can set it so the temperature lowers at bedtime and goes up right before we get up. That way we don’t forget to do it manually. The Department of Energy reports that you can save roughly 10% annually on heating and cooling bills by lowering the thermostat temp 10° to 15° for eight hours while you’re sleeping or at work.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance

It’s important that a trained HVAC technician inspect your heating and cooling system regularly to be sure that it’s in proper working order. A home handyman can only do so much. And, a trained technician may spot things that you wouldn’t. You don’t want your furnace to die just when you need it the most. Create an HVAC maintenance checklist you can refer to each year.

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So, why not check out these fall maintenance tips you should be working on?

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