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Having home emergency kits is one way that you can be prepared for any situation.  When my Grandmother was a little girl, basic sewing skills were something that every girl and woman new. Each home had basic sewing supplies including a sewing kit for repairs and basic sewing.  My Grandmother sewed entire outfits, darned socks, and replaced zippers.  A lost button wasn’t a huge problem because she always had spare buttons to replace the lost one with.  In case of a long term emergency, I created a sewing kit with some basic supplies.

I plan on keeping this sewing kit at home so I used a Mason jar as the container.  If you are planning on taking this with you in a bug out bag or survival pack, you may want to find a plastic container instead of the glass Mason jar. You can skip the pin cushion on top if you decide to create the kit in a plastic jar.

Home emergency kits

Home Emergency Kits – Sewing Kit


  • Mason jar with lid and ring. Size will depend on how many supplies you want to keep on hand. I use a crystal jelly jar for mine.
  • Spool of thread – or several
  • Buttons – variety of sizes and colors
  • Pins and Needles – I keep my needles in a needle case for safety. Similar to this one on Amazon (needle case).
  • Thimble
  • Small pair of scissors or hem ripper
  • Measuring tape
  • Scrap fabric or felt
  • Cotton batting
  • Tacky glue


Home emergency kits sewing

  • Cut a circle of fabric slightly larger than the ring of the Mason jar.

Home emergency kits sewing kit

  • Fit the circle of fabric over the lid and stuff with batting carefully.

Home emergency kits

  • Run a bead of glue around the inside of the ring.
  • Press the lid into the ring.

Home emergency kits

  • Trim off any excess fabric or felt. You will need to trim it very tight to the ring to get the lid to fit.
  • Add the supplies to your sewing kit and screw on the top tightly.

Now you can add your sewing kit to your home emergency kits and be prepared.

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  1. Love it!! Pinned & Tweeted!!
  2. Rebecca E. Parsons says
    love that idea...it would be a great gift for a bridal shower also!!!
  3. I dont sew but I do have an emergency sewing kit for buttons. I can handle a button but that is about it!
  4. Mag@GirlyCreation says
    This is a must for me with kids, so many sewing works to do. Pinned and tweeted.
  5. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says
    Great idea! I made one in a different storage container to take to college with me and I still use it!!!
  6. I LOVE this. Love. This. I don't typically sew - it's the one thing I never got down. But so often I go to look for my lil' sewing kit - and it's SO TINY i can't find it. hahah. Also, need a place for buttons. My mom always had this big, beautiful jar with buttons when I was a kid - this could be used for that, too. Great Idea!!!!
  7. My favortie craft is knitting, but I do need to make up a sewing kit.  I have some pants that need buttons, but need to find the stuff to do it.
  8. Rose_a_powell@yahoo.com says
    I love the simplicity of this craft and how it doesn't require any sewing LOL! I love making miniature sewing kits, I could see mini mason jars with the supplies as gifts! Thanks for sharing, I think I'll try to make one once and for all.
  9. Mary/ Raising Dick and Jane says
    Well, I definitely need to make one of these. I have so many mason jars laying around. Thanks for the tutorial! Your photos are beautiful too.
  10. Alexis Marlons says
    I remember having a kit like this when I was in grade school for a school project.  Now, I totally forgot what should be in the sewing kit.


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