Help your child manage their allowance

Last Updated on September 5, 2020 by Ellen Christian

In today’s economy, teaching children how to manage their money is even more important than ever. Allowance Manager is a free tool that will help parents manage a child’s allowance online. Parents can use Allowance Manager to set and monitor children’s allowance, create incentives for kids, and reward good behavior.  Children can use Allowance Manager to learn how to earn and manage money.

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Allowance Manager doesn’t actually keep your money. It’s not a bank.  What it is is a valuable tool that helps you track the money.  When it’s time to actually pay the money, you do it the same way you always have, by handing them the cash.  Once that’s done, you make an entry in Allowance Manager to show that it’s been paid. Allowance Manager lets you keep track of the total amount of money that they have in their account along with any payments they’ve made whether that’s a donation to charity or a purchase at the toy store.  Each time you make an entry, the balance is updated automatically.

Allowance Manager also offers printable chore charts to help parents keep up with what they’re children are and aren’t doing.  We seriously need this in my house!  I have an awful time remember who did what and whose turn it is in what week to do which chore. 

Sign up for your FREE account today and check it out.  I found Allowance Manager very easy to use and I love that it teaches the kids where their money is actually going. That’s a really valuable thing for anyone to learn!

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  1. Seriously, love this idea. I grew up with an allowance and I just kept the money hidden in my room. I only chose to spend it when I wanted something that my parents wouldn't purchase for me. I think kids today definitely need to take more responsibility for their money and we can help by encouraging it.

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