Getting your carpets ready for the holiday season

Last Updated on September 23, 2020 by Ellen Christian

We don’t do a lot of entertaining but we do have a bunch of people over during the holiday season.  Our carpets take a beating during the year.  With two active kids, three cats, a wood stove and living on a dirt road, we don’t generally have pristine, clean carpets.

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When I start thinking about holiday entertaining, the first thing I start to worry about is the condition of my carpets.  Wood floors are easier to take care of but carpets provide a little style and warmth to a room.  I’ve been searching for some ideas on caring for my carpets and I came across these links:

1.  Carpet cleaning tips pet stains
2.  Car upholstery cleaning tips
3.  Activated charcoal for odor removal

I thought they might help someone in their search for cleaner carpets.  I’ve also heard that dry baking soda sprinkled on a carpet and left for an hour works to help keep your carpets fresh. Do you have any other frugal carpet care tips to share?

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  1. Oooh. I don't have anything particularly helpful to add, but I have a toddler and two cats who have recently been ... rather "upset" due to a move, and I'm all ears on what tips your other readers have as far as how to keep carpets smelling good!

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