Take A Family Challenge To Help The Environment

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This post on how to take a family challenge to help the environment is sponsored by She Speaks and P&G.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Crafting is one of my passions.  I love making new things and being creative.  I know that there are a lot of ways that I can upcycle things around the house to be creative.  However, I find myself running to the craft store to buy new craft supplies more and more often lately.  I know that it would be better for the environment if I cut down on my new purchases and learned to be a bit more creative with my craft projects. Since Mother’s Day is only a few days away, I really needed a card.  I could either purchase a new card or make one myself.

Help the environment - Mother's Day Card

Take A Family Challenge To Help The Environment

Since my goal is to reduce the amount I’m purchasing, I decided making a card was the way to go.  Of course, that meant I would need to find some craft supplies that would work to make a Mother’s Day card. While I have a huge tub of rubber stamps, nothing really screamed Mother and inspired my creativity.  I really wanted to do some bright, spring flowers on the card since spring has finally arrived here in Vermont. I decided to get creative and make a Mother’s Day card using what I had in my craft closet already.

You can watch the video and see what I did to create my Mother’s Day card.

Are there things that you can do to reduce, re-use and recycle around the home?  Is everyone in the family on board with recycling?  Could you get the children more involved in the challenge to help the environment? We try really hard to remember to recycle everything that we can.  When possible, we shop second hand to help control the manufacture of new items. Now my new goal is to buy less and use what I have on hand.  What’s your goal?

This post on how to take a family challenge to help the environment is sponsored by She Speaks and P&G.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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  1. Lisa from Life with Lisa says
    LOL great idea Ellen.  I giggled when you said, "now that would be weird".    Came out great though!
  2. How cool is that! I loved your video. I could easily do this craft with my kids.
  3. Chelsea @ Someday I'll Learn says
    My family's totally on board with recycling. I love your cute card!
  4. Michelle says
    Love the video! Great fun and unique activity for the kiddos! Thanks for sharing - it's something that this so un-creative Mommy could definitely do :)
  5. Kelsey Apley says
    You win the award this year!!! That is such a creative and fun way to personalize a card, and what a fun and unique idea!!! WOOHOO You rock!!! 
  6. Super cute idea Ellen!
  7. Kim @ 2 Kids and a Coupon says
    Great video! Very clever idea!
  8. Little Miss Kate says
    What a great idea, we have not made cards yet for the Grandma's, I should try this with my boys
  9. SO cute! We have a few pieces of celery left over from this weeks school snacks so I will let my boys make one for their Nana.
  10. Gena Lazcano says
    That's awesome!  I want to do this now with my boys!
  11. I have ALWAYS wanted to to one of these celery art projects, they always turn out so cute.

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