How These Good Sleeping Tips Can Improve Your Day

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I never thought that following a few good sleeping tips would have a significant impact on how I slept. My husband is one of those people who can sleep anywhere at the drop of a hat, but not me. I never fell asleep easily, and I woke up several times during the night. I never woke up rested, and I was usually sore because I spent most of the evening tossing and turning on an uncomfortable bed. After spending 101 days as part of a 101-night trial of a Reverie Sleep System, I wanted to follow up with a few tips that have made a difference.

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DIY Spray - Lavender Linen Spray

Good Sleeping Tips

Getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge for everyone at times, but some people struggle with it regularly. Not getting a good night’s sleep can have a huge impact on how you feel the next day. You may feel tired, sluggish, stressed, or be easily distracted. You’re probably more prone to snap at your husband or the kids, and you may even be more likely to burst into tears.  Hopefully, you’ll find that these tips will help you have a better night’s sleep.

  • Clear the clutter. It’s hard to drift off into a peaceful sleep when you’re surrounded by clutter. If your closet is so full that you cannot close the door, and you have piles of clothes on every flat surface, it’s time to declutter and return your room to a peaceful oasis. Add flowers, a candle, or even a tabletop waterfall to help you fall asleep.
  • Eliminate the caffeine. As much as I love coffee, I don’t drink it after about 5 pm. I switch to an herbal tea that has no caffeine so that it doesn’t interfere with my sleep. One of my favorite combinations is spearmint and chamomile.
  • Try an essential oil. I made a lavender linen spray with lavender essential oil that I spray on the sheets and my pillow. The lavender helps me relax and get rid of stress so that I can fall asleep.
  • Turn off the tech. Spend the last hour or so before bed unplugged. Take the TV out of the bedroom. Let the phone charge in another room. Do something peaceful and calming to relax. Try journalling or read a good book.
  • Replace your mattress. We had a traditional bed and no matter how much I tossed and turned, I could not get comfortable. My back was sore, and back pain was keeping me awake.

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My thoughts:

I received the Reverie Sleep System in January, so I could experience a bed that was customized for our needs. Each Sleep System includes the proprietary Reverie mattress and adjustable foundation, or power base. The customizable mattress support system uses a patented DreamCell™ technology, which allows individualized support levels for you and your partner that can be adjusted at any time.

Sleep is a journey. I noticed that my sleep improved gradually as I learned what position was the most comfortable for me to fall asleep in. With the Reverie Sleep System, I can raise and lower the head and foot of the bed to find the perfect position combination. On nights where I was sore, I was able to use the massage function to relax tired muscles. I looked forward to going to bed at night because I knew I could have a massage before bed.

The Reverie Sleep System has given me the tools I need to fall asleep and the comfort I need to stay asleep. I love the surround sound option because I can listen to white noise to fall asleep and block out any annoying sounds that are bothering me. Or, if I want to during the day, I can put on some upbeat music while I clean the house.

I encourage you to try the Reverie Sleep System by requesting a 101-Night Risk-Free Trial today.

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10 thoughts on “How These Good Sleeping Tips Can Improve Your Day”

  1. I know turning off the tec items in my home would be a great great for me, just time to get away and I am sure that would help me sleep better. I would also love to try essential oils to help.
  2. OH my goodness. How ironic that I'm reading this from my bed, with my "tech", late at night when I should be sleeping! Wow. haha!
  3. It is amazing what a difference a good nights sleep can make in how your day goes and your health!! love these tips I need to try some of them out.
  4. Thanks for these tips! I have a hard time falling asleep and maybe it's just the pile of clean clothes right next to my side of the bed. I'm going to try getting them all put away so I have that space clear and see if that helps!

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