How to be Inspired by Your Cat

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You may be wondering why I’m writing about how to be inspired by your cat. For a long time, I was inspired by successful people and goals I wanted to achieve. The choices I made in my life were made based on the goals I was inspired to reach. Lately, I’ve been reevaluating my goals, and that’s forced me take a look at my inspiration. And, I think I have it backward. Instead of being inspired by money and fame, I should be inspired by things that are more meaningful. Thank you, Muse, for sponsoring this post.

How to be inspired by your cat

How to be Inspired by Your Cat

Have you ever just sat quietly and watched your cat? We have three cats, and they are an endless source of amusement for me. As pet parents, my husband and I see our cats as our furry little children. We love to pamper them, play with them and love them. They each have their idiosyncrasies and personalities.

  • Entertain yourself. Lately, it seems like the latest tech items draw my attention. It’s not that I need them. It’s that I think I *should* have them because I can afford them. They just distract me and make it harder for me to focus. Our cat, Heather, spends an endless amount of time chasing a clothespin. It doesn’t need to be motorized with bells and whistles. She’s very happy with a plain old clothespin and a bag.
How to be Inspired by Your Cat
  • Relax and slow down. I work too much. I’ve always worked 50+ hours in a week, and it’s difficult to slow down. It takes effort, and I need to try to relax more. All of our cats enjoy taking long cat naps in the sun and they know how to relax. I need to take an hour or two each afternoon to just sit and close my eyes and slow down.
How to be Inspired by Your Cat
  • Take care of yourself. Have you ever watched your cat give themselves a bath? They spend so much time getting every whisker and piece of fur perfect. They don’t rush through it. I need to remember to take care of myself, drink enough water, pamper myself and remember my supplements.
How to be Inspired by Your Cat
  • Make healthy food choices. I try to pay attention to what I eat, but when busy or distracted, I eat things I shouldn’t.  Cats know good food when they see it, and they turn up their noses at the rest.

How to be inspired by your cat

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How to be inspired by your cat

I found several types of Muse at our local Petco. I was surprised to learn the natural recipes in broth are made with real hand-filleted chicken and fish.  I can see real pieces of mackerel, tuna and sardines. You can find recipes that include shrimp, anchovies, clams and bonito toppers. I love that there are so many types to choose from. Learn more about Muse Cat Food and look for Muse at Petco.

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  1. We love our cat. She really does inspire me to relax a little more. I'm always on the go or have something that needs to get done. It is nice to relax on the couch with her as she cuddles with me and we watch tv. She's not fond of wet food, but I can totally try the Muse dry food and see if she like it. She can be picky about her food.
  2. I don't have a cat to be inspired by but my dog certainly gives me a few things to think about! She is always so happy and eager to find new things!
  3. Jenna Wood says
    My cat inspires me every day, but I'm a cat lady! Both of my pets really give me inspiration, though, as they each have their own unique personality!
  4. What a great post, I never thought about inspiration coming from cats but it makes total sense.

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