Fitness Gifts Under $25 for Everyone

Last Updated on December 11, 2020 by Ellen Christian

Are you looking for fitness gifts under $25? Check out the top fitness gifts for her, him, and everyone in the family on your gift list.

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I love buying exercise gifts for friends and family because it means we can be active together. Have you checked out these fitness tech gifts yet?

Are you looking for fitness gifts under ? Check out the top fitness gifts for her, him, and everyone in the family on your gift list.

Fitness Gifts Under $25

I’m trying to stick to my budget this year when it comes to gift shopping. But, that hasn’t stopped me from finding some fantastic deals on fitness gifts from Woot! An Amazon Company.

I love shopping online because it keeps me out of the stores. That means I don’t need to deal with other people, parking issues, or long lines.

What are good gifts under $25?

The type of present you choose really depends on what activities the recipient enjoys. There are so many different ideas depending on if they enjoy walking, Crossfit, yoga, or just playing outside with the kids. 

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My top picks

Here are a few of my favorite general fitness gifts.

  • Jump rope – This is something everyone in the family can enjoy. Get a good quality jump rope with taped handles so it lasts a long time. It increases the heart rate, burns calories, and helps you tone.
  • Water bottle – Whether you go to the gym, take long walks in the woods, or do yoga in the living room, a water bottle is a must to stay hydrated. CamelBak is my go-to brand.
  • Protein powder  – Protein helps to rebuild your muscles after a workout. And, what better type than an iced coffee protein powder.

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Fitness gifts under $25 for him

Why not encourage the guy in your life to get active with you? Here are a few things that he might enjoy. Actually, anyone on your gift list would love to get these.

  • Resistance bands – I use these for my shoulder but they are super popular with the men in my life as well. This set includes a variety of weight bands, ankle straps, and a carry bag.
  • Table tennis paddles – Why not encourage an indoor sport during the winter? Grab a portable net and turn the table into a table tennis table. You’ll need these paddles.
  • Ab wheel roller – Has your significant other been complaining about his abs? This wheel roller will get him a six-pack fast. It has an ultra-wide base with a knee pad.

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Fitness gifts under $25 for her

These are topping my gift list this year. They work well for any woman on your list.

  • Sports bra – Trust me, this may seem basic but it can make or break your workout. This one is comfortable and breathable.
  • Fitness tracker – A fitness tracker is a wonderful way to stay motivated. And, this one is super affordable with lots of handy features.
  • Sneakers – No matter what type of exercise you do, a new pair of sneakers is always welcome. Reebok is a great multipurpose brand of sneakers to start with.
  • Theraband roll – This is perfect for anyone that is suffering from tennis elbow. It helps increase the strength in your tendons. Check out Theraband.

Are you looking for fitness gifts under ? Check out the top fitness gifts for her, him, and everyone in the family on your gift list.

Best active gifts for kids

For kids, fitness needs to be fun for them to continue with it. If you need fitness gifts under $25 for kids, why not try one of these.

  • Snowball launcher – Kids of all ages will love this. Use this snowball launcher to get everyone outside in the snow to play. I need one of these in my life.
  • Butterfly kite – Once the weather warms up, get the kids outside with this gorgeous kite. It takes lots of running to get a kite to fly.

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