Family Fire Safety Tips

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I am sharing these family fire safety tips with you because November 3rd marks the time to turn back your clocks. I received a thank you gift for sharing this information with you.  In my home, turning the clocks back means something besides one less hour of sleep.  It means that it’s time again to change the batteries in our smoke detectors. We have three smoke detectors in our home. One is at the top of our basement stairs.  The second is at the bottom of our first floor stairs.  The third is at the top of the second floor stairs.

Family fire safety tips

Family Fire Safety Tips

I try to pay attention to fire safety.  We heat with a wood stove so it is something that’s always on my mind.  Even though my children are teenagers now, we have had several discussions on family fire safety tips.  These are the family fire safety tips I use to make sure we stay as safe as possible.

  • Make sure the smoke detectors are working. If you remove the battery, put it back. Sometimes ours goes off when I’m cooking dinner (shush don’t tell) or when we blow out a candle.
  • Do not go crazy plugging lots of plugs into outlets.  This is mainly for the teenagers who feel each plug must have 2 extension cords with several electronic gadgets in each one.
  • Have an escape plan. We have had the same escape plan and the same outside meeting spot since the kids were tiny. It never changes so it’s easy to remember.
  • No unattended candles.  My daughter loves scented candles in her room. It’s important to blow them out when you leave the room.
  • Stop, drop and roll.  This is great for the little kids to remember. If your clothes catch fire, stop, drop and roll. Practice with them.
  • Post emergency numbers near the phones.  Include 911 as well as any local numbers that are important.
  • Matches and lighters are not toys. This was important when my kids were little but not as much now. Make sure you keep them out of the hands of little children.
  • Place fire extinguishers around the home.  Then make sure to have them checked when necessary.

Did you know, thirty-eight percent of fatal fire injuries occur in homes with no smoke alarms, while 24 percent occur in homes in which at least one smoke alarm is present but fails to operate, frequently due to dead or missing batteries. Remember to change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors when you set your clocks back – it could help save a life.

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Family fire safety tips

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  1. I learned the impoertance of having an escape plan & that they have a download aid to help you! I already make a point of having 1 window in each main room unbloced by furniture , check it often to make sure it is easy to open & that evryone know how to get out of it!
  2. Thanks for the giveaway…Most smoke detectors work either by optical detection (photoelectric) or by physical process (ionization)
  3. I learned to pay attention to details, like changing batteries in flashlights and dusting smoke alarms. Safety deserves your utmost attention.

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