Fall Wildcrafting in Vermont

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I’ve enjoyed fall wildcrafting in Vermont for several years. If you’re not familiar with the term, wildcrafting is gathering herbs and plants from the wild for either food or medicinal reasons. Wildcrafting is different than gardening. When you garden, you’re picking things you’ve planted. When you wildcraft, you’re gathering things that grow wild.

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Fall Wildcrafting in Vermont

Fall Wildcrafting in Vermont

I’m far from an expert in wildcrafting in Vermont. I took a class at a local college that gave me the basics. I only wildcraft what I am positive I can identify. If there is any doubt in my mind at all, I leave it be. Fall wildcrafting in Vermont is different than wildcrafting in other seasons. Different plants are available at various times of the year.

In the early spring, I wildcraft for wild leeks and fiddlehead ferns. There are quite a few of them near the river that runs up the road from my house. Just a few things I look for in the fall are:

  • The roots of dandelion, burdock, and yellow dock (medicinal purposes)
  • Blackberries, raspberries, mulberries, and thimble berries all grow wild in the woods around my home. Pick them in the early fall to late summer.

Fall Wildcrafting in Vermont

  • There are some wild apple trees on the road I live off. I have no idea what variety they are, and they are tart, but they make a great pie.
  • Rose hips can be found on wild roses. I haven’t found these in my area but did see some in Maine while I was on a blog trip earlier this year.
  • Ginseng is gathered in Vermont in the fall, but you need a permit to collect it in the State of Vermont.
  • Butternuts are found in late September in my area. They are a wild nut that can be stored for years as long as you keep it in the hull.

Fall Wildcrafting in Vermont

  • Sunflower seeds are delicious, but you’ll be competing with the birds for the seeds. Look for them a bit later in the fall when the flower head starts to tip over.

Fall wildcrafting in Vermont can be very rewarding whether you’re looking for food, medicine or just a few hours of quiet in the woods one afternoon.

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