End of Summer Home Maintenance Tips

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This end of summer home maintenance tips post has been sponsored by Filtrete.  This post contains affiliate links.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Summer is starting to wind down here in Vermont.  Our temperatures at night are starting to get down into the forties.  I’m beginning to see a few golden yellow leaves on the trees which tells me all the leaves will start to change soon.  We have a huge pile of wood in the driveway that needs to be stacked in the woodshed.  Now is the time to start getting ready for the cooler weather.   There are so many things that need to be done around the house to keep everything running well.

Summer home maintenance tips

End of Summer Home Maintenance Tips

These end of summer home maintenance tips will help you wrap up the hot weather and prepare y our home for the cooler weather to come.

  •  Change the filters.  Change the filters in your furnace or air conditioner at the start of every season. Use an electrostatically charged Filtrete Brand air filter to help capture dust, pollen and lint from the air passing through the filter.
  • Check your hot water heater. Make sure that your hot water heater is set at 120F or below to avoid potential burns.
  • Clean the stove.  Remove and wash the stove grates, burners and coils with warm water and soap. Grease can build up and increase the chances of a fire.
  • Check your fire extinguishers.  Check the expiration dates.  Have them serviced or replaced when necessary. Keep one on each floor of your home.
  • Cracks.  Inspect the floor, walls and foundation for cracks. Make note of them and either fix them yourself or hire a contractor before they become more serious.

Summer home maintenance tips

  • Have your wood stove cleaned. We heat with a combination of wood and oil. Have a professional clean your wood stove and chimney before the start of the heating season.
  • Check the condition of your gutters.  Clean them and repair any cracks.  Remove anything blocking the gutters.
  • Put your outdoor furniture away.  Clean your outdoor furniture and put it away for the winter.

The Filtrete Micro Allergen Reduction Filter (MPR 1000) gives a balance of particle capture and airflow to help prevent stress on your system and reduce the amount of energy needed to reach the right temperature. The filter is designed to help clean indoor air and will last up to three months. The filter costs $10.97 and can be purchased at Lowe’s, Target, Walmart and your local hardware store.  Visit FindMyFiltreteFilter.com to find a location near you.

summer home maintenance tips

Sarah and I both have allergies and asthma.  Nothing has been scarier in my life than watching my daughter gasping for breath during an asthma attack.We try to do as much as possible to help her manage her asthma. One of the things that we do is to try to buy a furnace filter that removes allergens from the air like the Filtrete Micro Allergen Reduction Filter. Filtrete Brand from 3M makes an entire line of air filters for your home’s heating and cooling system – there’s one for each family’s needs and lifestyle. You can register to receive seasonal e-newsletters featuring special offers, filter change reminders, better home living tips and more by visiting Filtrete.com.

This end of summer home maintenance tips post has been sponsored by Filtrete.  This post contains affiliate links.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.


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  1. Kasandria Reasoner says
    Great tips! I need to change my air filter so thanks for the reminder!
  2. OurFamilyWorld says
    Wow, you weren't kidding about the pile of wood! Thanks for the tips! It's starting to get cooler here at night too, and Fall is just around the corner.
  3. Great tips ! My husband just mention a lot of these tips just the other day. Thanks for sharing this post with us!
  4. thanks for these tips! We always change our filters a couple times a year and make sure to use allergy friendly ones!
  5. Jennifer Wagner says
    I should check and see if they have an air filter that would work in my apartment. We have the type of system you see in many hotel rooms, where it is heat in the winter and a/c in the summer. I'm going to look into it.
  6. Great tips! We definitely have some of these things on our list to take care of. We have a reusable allergen filter in our furnace that we take out and clean every month or so (that's my husband's job and he is very forgetful, LOL! I have to remind him all the time). 
  7. Some great reminders as we move into fall. For those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies, it's especially important to keep on top of filters.
  8. Keely Hostetter says
    It seems like we are always doing maintainence and preparing for the next season. I am looking forward to being done mowing for awhile. My kids have allergies so keeping up with dust is constant for us.
  9. This is a very good list of things to do before winter hits. I have been caulking a lot of cracks and I have my furnace filter ready to be changed, and I have to put away the outdoor furniture. But another important thing to do is make sure to drain the gas and change the oil in the lawn mower. Do not leave gas in the lawn mower all winter, it can damage it!
  10. Thank you for the good tips - I am a widow and am now for the first time taking care of all the house maintnance that my husband used to do. It is good to hear what others think should be done at the end of a season.

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