Do you know the plants that are dangerous to pets?

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Do you know the plants that are dangerous to pets? I love to garden and we grow a lot of plants in our gardens that we eat but we also grow some simply because they’re pretty or fragrant.  We also have a variety of house plants for the same reasons.  While we know not to eat plants we’re not familiar with, our pets may not.  Each spring I take a wander around our property and make sure that there aren’t any dangerous plants growing. While we keep our cats inside the house, most of our neighbors let their pets wander.  We also let our ducks and chickens range in the summer time so they get their share of leafy greens in their diet.   Here are some common plants that are dangerous to pets so you can keep your eyes open for them.

Plants that are dangerous to pets

Plants that are dangerous to pets
Photograph courtesy of MorgueFile

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Daffodil are beautiful spring flowers but the bulbs are dangerous if eat.  All parts of the daffodil can be dangerous to eat according to the PDSA.

Plants that are dangerous to pets
Photo courtesy of MorgueFile

Lily of the Valley is another spring blooming flower that is dangerous. The leaves, stems, blooms and even pollen of some kinds are poisonous.

Larkspur is a wildflower and the young plants are toxic to your pets. You should avoid this as well as it can cause a contact rash in humans.

Plants that are dangerous to pets
Photo courtesy of MorgueFile

Foxglove or Digitalis is dangerous to not only pets but humans. It can be found wild but is often grown in gardens because it’s so pretty.

Jimsonweed is part of the nightshade family of plants. All parts of this plant are dangerous. The sap can cause rashes and smelling the flowers can cause headaches. Jimsonweed has also killed cattle.

Rhubarb leaves are toxic to pets and people. While we grow this in our garden, it’s off in a corner away from the house. The stalks are wonderful to cook with but never use the leaves.

Do you know the plants that are dangerous to pets? Do you have any of them in your yard?

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  3. No the only one I know for sure for our cat is dangerous is poinsettia, which I've brought home from parties at times. Luckily I have a brown thumb and could never manage to grow anything as beautiful as these :)

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