Cupcake Crafts: How To Make A Cupcake Card

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Cupcake crafts let me enjoy all the cuteness of cupcakes without any of the calories. I love making my own note cards. Make this easy cupcake card.

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Cupcake crafts

Cupcake Crafts

Sometimes I use them for birthday cards or other types of greeting cards. Sometimes I use them to send a quick note to my Grandmother who is in a nursing home.

One of the things I struggle with is cutting out neat shapes. I obviously didn’t pay enough attention to scissor cutting class in elementary school.  I recently received a Fiskars XXXX-Large Circle Lever Punch and it has totally changed the way I am crafting.

No more trying to cut out the perfect circle. This lever punch makes perfect 3.5″ diameter circles every time.

How To Make A Cupcake Card


  • 3 different color pieces of heavy card stock
  • blank note card with envelope
  • Fiskars XXXX-Large Circle Lever Punch
  • personal cutting board
  • glue
  • tiny beads for sprinkles

Directions Cupcake Crafts

  • Cut out two circles from two different color pieces of heavy card stock using the Fiskars XXXX-Large Circle Lever Punch
  • Cut out a 2″ x 12″  piece of card stock in the third color.
  • Scallop the edges of the two circles so that they look like frosting is dripping down. See picture.

Cupcake crafts

  • Fan fold the 2″ x 12″ piece of cardstock.
  • Pinch bottom slightly and glue to the card stock.  This is the bottom of the cupcake.
  • Layer the top two frosting pieces and glue on top of the fan fold piece.
  • Attach tiny beads for sprinkles with glue or draw them on with markers if you would rather.
  • Decorate the rest of the cupcake card the way you like. You can layer scrapbook paper for background or simply glue it directly on the note card.
  • Add whatever sayings you want to the card depending on how you will use it.

Why not make football party invitations next?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by the SSSBlog Hop... you are amazing with crafts. I can't do that, only cook ;0 Following you now!
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