Create a DIY Inspiration Board

Last Updated on October 7, 2023 by Ellen Christian

Have you ever wondered how to create a DIY inspiration board? Check out these tips to make a mood board or inspiration board for your next project.

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Create a DIY Inspiration Board

I love living in the country in an older house. I like knowing that I have the skills to do crafts and projects around the house myself. It gives me a sense of contentment to know that I’m able to do things to take care of my home and family. 

Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed and disorganized and lose track of what’s on my to do list. So, I’m working on doing a better job of keeping my DIY projects to do organized and learned to create a DIY inspiration board to help.

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How do you make a good inspiration board?

I’m a list maker. It helps me stay organized but since I tend to be slightly disorganized by nature, I make the lists and lose them. I’ve found an easy way to solve this problem: Hometalk.

Hometalk is a website that allows you to create boards of projects you want to do or crafts that look interesting. Since I’ve recently started making soap again, I made a Homemade Soap Board to keep track of some of the projects I want to do in the future.

One of the reasons I like Hometalk is that it’s more than a place to bookmark posts. There’s a community. I can ask questions and get answers from people who have knowledge in the area I’m interested in.

I can also answer questions that other people have about skills I have or projects I’ve done.  Just a few of the topics on Hometalk I’ve found are kitchen, gardening, cleaning, and painting.

Create a DIY Inspiration Board | DIY Projects to Do

How can I make my own mood board?

You can create a board for just about anything. If you’re trying to keep on track of household maintenance, you can add articles that explain how to tackle an out of control baking cupboard or give your living room furniture a make over.

If you’re trying to decide what to do with your garden when the snow finally melts, you can learn to start seeds, create a water garden or freeze home grown peppers. The possibilities are endless.

If you find someone who posts things you enjoy, you can follow their posts or follow certain boards. If you enjoy the type of posts I create, I’d love it if you followed me on Hometalk.

So, don’t forget to check out my Homemade Soap Board for inspiration on making your own. If you’re looking for a way to keep track of those DIY projects to do, create a DIY inspiration board on Hometalk.

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  1. I have always wanted to try to make homemade soap and I actually has a friend who does it, and it smells wonderful! Your board is great!
  2. I need to do this.  I am currently trying to decorate our new home and have been so busy I keep putting things off and losing my inspirations.  Making a board would definitely help me keep them organized.

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