Tips for Planning for College on a Budget

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Sarah is going to be a junior in college next year so this is our third year searching for tips for planning for college on a budget. We have always encouraged the kids to purchase only what they can afford and to save for the rest.  Of course, we carry this belief into the process of planning for college.  The last thing that I want to do is to have the kids graduate from college and end up with huge student loans that will take them forever to pay off.  These are a few tips for planning for college on a budget that we have been using to avoid student loans.

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Tips for Planning for College on a Budget

  • Live at home.  When possible, encourage your child to live at home with you while attending college. This will help keep expenses lower.
  • In state discounts. Look for discounts offered at some state schools to residents.
  • Work study. Many colleges offer work study programs so your child can earn some of the money themselves through the college.
  • Get a job.  A part time job is a great way to earn money toward college expenses.
  • Used books.  Ask at the college library whether used books are available for any of your classes. They can be up to 50% less than a new book.
  • Limit your purchases at the school store. Yes, it’s convenient but the prices are a lot higher than at a regular store.

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This post on tips for planning for college on a budget is part of a sponsored campaign by Amazing on a Budget by Walmart[dot]com. All opinions are mine and mine alone.


5 thoughts on “Tips for Planning for College on a Budget”

  1. I have two children in college and it is tough! They are pretty good at purchasing used books. They do live at home and commute to local colleges which helps a lot also!
  2. Amen!  My son is also a junior and though he is living at home this year, the costs are still staggering for us.  I wish I could say that we saved and had the budget for his college years, but it just was not possible for us.  We try to cut corners where we can.  The used books are awesome.  David also carpools to class 1 day a week and that helps.  So does his part-time job.  All great tips!
  3. Our state offers a scholarship for all kids who maintain a certain GPA. They get tuition help to go to any in state school here in GA. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my kids qualify!

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