Cleaner Nicotine Alternative for Smokers

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Are you looking for a cleaner nicotine alternative? Check out my thoughts on the latest smoke-free nicotine alternative available today.

I’ve written before about resolutions that I make each year to live a better life. And, for many people smoking less is high on their list of things to do.

Are you looking for a cleaner nicotine alternative? Check out my thoughts on the latest smoke-free nicotine alternative available today.

Cleaner Nicotine Alternative

Smoking is a habit that many people start for a variety of reasons. I stopped many years ago before I had children because I had asthma, and smoking was making it worse.

Now that my children are adults, they both smoke. And, my son in law smokes, and my son’s fiance vapes. While they have all tried to stop smoking several times, nicotine fits into their lives right now. 

But, they want to be able to get that nicotine in a more controlled way, without lighting up or vaping. And, they want an option that doesn’t involve smoke that stinks up their clothes and house.

With a cleaner nicotine alternative, you can get the nicotine that you want without smoking.

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What can I use instead of nicotine?

Smoking isn’t always possible in today’s environment. Most workplaces are smoke-free. And, many campuses and apartment complexes have followed that trend to prevent people from smoking anywhere on their property.

Since my daughter has asthma, she’s realized that she wants to find a way to get the nicotine she wants without smoking. Once she can switch away from lighting up, she feels like she’ll have more control over when she uses it.

What are cleaner nicotine alternatives?

If your goal is to smoke less, you can find another option like patches, nicotine sprays, lozenges, or gum that will provide the nicotine you want without smoking.

For my daughter, her workplace prohibits smoking. And, during the day, she wants to have access to some type of nicotine. With Lucy Chew and Park gum, she can keep a pack of gum in her pocket at work and use it when she needs to.

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Lucy Chew and Park Gum

Lucy Chew and Park Gum contains 4 mg of pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, gum base, and food-grade ingredients needed to make the gum. It’s a low carb option (and keto-friendly) that uses low-calorie sweeteners like sorbitol. Each piece contains 1 calorie.

It gives you a faster nicotine release for a stronger and more enjoyable experience.

It’s available in three different flavors:

  • Wintergreen
  • Pomegranate
  • Cinnamon

Are you looking for a cleaner nicotine alternative? Check out my thoughts on the latest smoke-free nicotine alternative available today.

Benefits of using Lucy

When you’re first transitioning away from smoking, there are a lot of situations when you’d normally reach for a cigarette. With my daughter, it is first thing in the morning and when leaving work for the day. For my son, it is in social settings when his friends are smoking. 

Lucy gives you the nicotine that you need along with a burst of energy without the need to light up. It’s a cleaner nicotine alternative that is more discreet and acceptable in social situations or at work.

Lucy was created by ex-smokers who knew there had to be a better option than traditional tobacco products. These discreet packs of gum look just like traditional chewing gum.

If you’re ever seen gum intended to help you stop smoking, you’ll know what I mean by that statement. Lucy Chew and Park comes in small blister packs just like regular chewing gum.

a close up view of a cleaner alternative to nicotine

This is a great way to get the nicotine without the harmful effects of tar and smoke. And, for some people, this is a great way to take steps toward smoking less.

Where can I get this?

You can find Lucy Chew and Park at a variety of different stores. Use the store finder on their website. Or, ask at your favorite retail store.

Or if you’d prefer, you can order this online and set it up as a subscription so you don’t run out. And, shipping is always free. 

If you’d like to try it, use the coupon code CONFESSIONS to save 20% off your order. Find it here.

And, if you’d like to kick the habit altogether, you can try Lucy Nicotine Lozenges which are intended to help you stop smoking.

Warning: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

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