Health Resolutions: Baby Steps to a Healthy You

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For years, as January 1 got closer, I would make a bunch of health resolutions for the new year. I was going to eat better, lose twenty pounds, remember my vitamins, exercise for an hour each day, etc. I had so many health resolutions that I was setting myself up for failure before I even started.

Healthy resolutions for 2015

Health Resolutions: Baby Steps to a Healthy New You

When making health resolutions, it’s important to take baby steps. Getting healthy can be a long journey. You’re not going to change every unhealthy habit overnight at once. Very few people have that much self control. All you will do is frustrate yourself and give up. Don’t look at the distant horizon. Look at the first step you can take. Start with things that will be easy for you to change and pick only one or two at a time. As you feel confident in the changes you’ve made, add in a few more changes:

  • Cut out the processed foods. That could mean cooking from scratch or it could mean eating less fast food. Focus on healthy meats, vegetables and fruits and cut down on the carbs.
  • Get more active.  Take the stairs. Take a walk during your lunch break. Join a gym or sign up for Zumba lessons. Just get more active than you are right now.
  • Remember your vitamins. I try really hard to remember this each day but when I’m really busy, I do forget.  Speak to your doctor about what vitamins and supplements are good for you at your age and with your lifestyle.
  • Stop smoking. No, it’s not easy. I’ve been there. But, it won’t get any easier next year. Quit today.
  • Buy more organic foods. Buying organic food is one way to be certain you are avoiding foods that are genetically modified (GMOs).
  • Check your numbers. Visit the doctor to get baseline numbers so you know where you’re starting. Depending on your health, that may include weight, cholesterol, sugar, blood pressure, body mass index, etc.
  • Take time for you each day. Whether that means daily prayer time, meditation, a hot bubble bath with a scented candle or something else. Just take time for you.
  • Watch the caffeine. I know this one is really difficult and I struggle with it too. There is nothing wrong with caffeine in moderation. Make sure you’re not overdoing it.
  • Drink more water. Water flushes out your system and your organs. It will help fill you up, help your skin look younger and help your body work better.

Pick one (or a few) of these healthy changes to make this year. Which ones are the most important are entirely up to you. Just make a few small changes to start the New Year off with a healthy step.

Healthy resolutions for 2015

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  7. On my resolutions list this year are drinking more water and taking time for me.  Both of those things are really hard for me so I hope to keep them!!! 
  8. I need to drink more water from this list. I've been relying on tea far too much since the children were born. Water should be my 2015 resolution!
  9. I totally agree with you. I have tried making too many large goals in the past and been unsuccessful. For me, baby steps is the best way for long term improvement.
  10. Thanks for the great post.  Taking baby steps is much easier.  I like how you gave us a topic and then several ideas to make it happen.
  11. I used to do the same thing - make these huge resolutions and setting myself up for failure. I'm learning that baby steps make so much more sense! Happy New Year!

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