Trim a Christmas Tree for Breast Cancer Awareness

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Have you ever thought about trimming a Christmas tree for breast cancer awareness? October is breast cancer awareness month, and it’s the perfect time to show your support for those that struggle with this disease. Over the years, I’ve worn pink, purchased products which were donating a portion of their proceeds and shared messages on my blog and social media. Thank you to Tree Classics for sponsoring this conversation today.

Trim a Christmas Tree for Breast Cancer Awareness

Trim a Christmas Tree for Breast Cancer Awareness

We’ve always had an artificial tree for as long as I can remember. I prefer to leave the real trees outside for the animals and birds to enjoy. With an artificial tree, there is no need to water it or sweep up pine needles from the floor. For me, it’s just an easier choice than a real tree.

After visiting the Tree Classics site, I learned that their trees use Real Feel™ technology that results in foliage that feels as real as it looks. Made from injection-molded polyethylene (PE) plastic, Real Feel™ needles allow you to enjoy all of the advantages of an artificial Christmas tree without sacrificing the beauty of a real one. Their trees are designed with a mix of Real Feel™ foliage and traditional papery PVC needles for optimal realism and fullness.

Trim a Christmas Tree for Breast Cancer Awareness

After looking at several different styles, we chose a pre-lit Christmas tree, so we didn’t have the hassle of dealing with strings of lights individually. We decided to get a Kennedy Fir Slim Artificial Christmas Tree because it was compact enough to fit in the area we had available. If you have a larger area, you can choose from their full Christmas trees as well. You can also decide to have a tree with no lights if you prefer.

This year, Tree Classics is partnering with 30 bloggers to share a message encouraging people to support Breast Cancer Awareness by trimming their tree in pink.

Learn more about how you may be able to reduce your risk of breast cancer.


  1. What a treat to learn about these trees since I had not seen them before. I learned they have an up-to-date blog and newsletter I can subscribe to and learn about them. So many don't bother to update their site info, so I appreciate it. We had the same silver metallic artificial tree for most of the 60s, lol. Those color wheels were popular then and I loved to watch it change colors. I don't have a tree now and like you, hate cutting down the real ones!
  2. They have beautiful real looking trees.
  3. Rachelhasdragons says
    I learned that there are trees that feel more like real trees and there are flat backed trees. That is so cool because we dont have alot of space in our living room. I will still have to look up some stuff on google though because my cats chew on the trees we get and last i looked all fake trees are unsafe for them to chew on. Which sucks because those flat backed trees would be awesome, plus fake trees are easier to put on in the stand. At least the giftcard would buy some beatutiful ornaments if i need to get a real tree for my kitties health :) great giveaway
  4. Wow, I learned that Tree Classics is like a one stop shop for all things Christmas tree and wreath! They have a very nice selection of ornaments.
  5. Miranda Ward says
    I learned that the tree needles feel real!
  6. I learned there are lots of items at reduced prices, and I cab get the Rustic Pinecone & Berries Holiday Wreath & Garland for right over $100.
  7. Mary Cloud says
    I learned that they were founded in 1976 and their trees feel real
  8. Annamarie V says
    I learned that they have some great artificial flocked treas, I have always wanted one.
  9. They currently have free shipping until Nov 1st.
  10. Tree Classics is recognized as the Top_shelf brand for trees. (Chicago Tribune) They have 50 percent off and free shipping until November 1 2016. They also have a wide range of Christmas décor wreaths, trees, ornaments and tree toppers etc.
  11. carol clark says
    i learned they have snaped trees wich is cool i mean its a hassle putting them up shhhh i put my whole tree last year in the closet with everything still on it
  12. I love that they have skinny and flatback trees for limited spaces.
  13. Aaron Humphrey says
    Learned they have a great selection.
  14. christie lopanec says
    great selection and price
  15. Their Snap Trees come in sections that you just snap together.
  16. I learned that the Chicago Tribune said that "Tree Classics is Recognized as the Top-Shelf Brand for Trees." 
  17. Marilyn Nawara says
    I learned they are they are celebrating their 40th year in business -- started in 1976. Also learned that they have beautiful trees that look real.
  18. Tracy DeLoach says
    I learned that Tree Classics has a beautiful array of Christmas trees for every budget and every taste. I like that you can also find a tree to fit any size room. So many people don't the room for a full tree but don't want a tabletop tree either. I also found that they sell gorgeous wreaths and garlands to decorate your mantle and door. Best of all I know this is a company that's not a fly-by-night business. They have been around for 40 years and that -tells me they are a business that can be trusted. I love that they have a 5 yr foliage warranty and long-lasting worry-free lights. Thank you for the chance to win a gift certificate so I can shop for my very own special Tree Classics Christmas Tree.
  19. Our best trees and foliage come with Real Feel™ Polyethylene (PE)
  20. I learned that they were founded in 1976, nice selection and price.
  21. Tee Anderson says
    Snap Tree™ rolling stand with locking casters
  22. Elizabeth Tarlow says
    I learned that these Trees have Exclusive Real Feel™ needles that capture the texture and color of real Christmas trees!
  23. shelly peterson says
    I learned that they were Founded in 1976
  24. I learned that they offer real feel needle trees for a more realistic tree. They also sell color-changing LED lights and lots more awesome items.
  25. Sonya Morris says
    I learned they have slim trees which would be perfect for our house!
  26. I learned there is a great recommendation from the Chicago Tribune Tree Classics is Recognized as the Top-Shelf Brand for Trees! –
  27. Karen Glatt says
    I learned that this company was Founded in 1976, and has a long history of designing the World's Finest Artificial Christmas Trees!
  28. Veronica L says
    I learned that they have a great selection even trees that have "Real Feel Needle" trees, that's great!
  29. I learned the needles are Real Feel™ Polyethylene (PE), so they feel like a real tree.
  30. Hollie Jahnke says
    I love that they are so realistic looking and sturdy.
  31. Dana Rodriguez says
    I learned their durable and beautiful trees backed by ar 5-year foliage and 2-year light warranty.
  32. Josie Hood says
    They have really nice artificial trees that snap together backed by warranties for the lights and needles.
  33. Tammy Woodall says
    I learned that according to the Chicago Times, ""Tree Classics is Recognized as the Top-Shelf Brand for Trees." Although the trees are artificial, the needles feel real.
  34. I learned that Tree Classics treats all its trees with top-grade flame retardants!
  35. jennifer galindo says
    The company was founded in 1976. Also that the trees are pre-lit and snap together for easy assembly.
  36. I learned that they were established in 1976 and were the first online retailer of artificial Christmas trees.
  37. Michelle C says
    I learned that the company has a very generous Price Protection policy regarding price adjustments!
  38. I like that the The needs have a real feel.
  39. Elizabeth H. says
    I love that it's easy to assemble.
  40. allyson tice says
    i learned that their best trees and foliage come with Real Feel™ Polyethylene (PE) needles!
  41. Jenny Scheldberg says
    It's nice they offer wareanties on both the tree and the lights. That's awesome! I feel like we have a light issue every year. 
  42. Melissa Storms says
    I learned they have a huge selection of trees and that you can get exactly what you need by picking size, shape and needle type.
  43. Dawn Monroe says
    I noticed that they also have a large selection of wreaths and garland and they are offering free shipping for a limited time.
  44. I learned that these are the world's finest Christmas trees, the sale ends 11-7 and they have the real feel needle trees.
  45. Christian H says
    I learned Tree Classics has lifelike branches with Real Feel needles.
  46. Jennifer H. says
    I learned that these Christmas tree that feels and looks real! Our Real Feel™ Polyethylene (PE) technology creates incredibly realistic-looking needles. At Tree Classics™ we offer only the world's finest artificial Christmas trees.
  47. I learned that they have Energy Saver Energy efficient LED lights that last for years.
  48. Kayte CookWatts says
    I learned that they have lighted, battery operated wreaths. My favorite is the rustic- so pretty.
  49. patent-pending Quick Set™ and Worry-Free™ UL-listed lights
  50. i learned they have real needle feel trees, and a 50% off sale that ends tomorrow!
  51. Bridgett Wilbur says
    I learned it was founded in 1976 and the trees look and feel real.
  52. Jessica Whitehouse says
    I would choose the Arctic White Pine with multi colored lights. I'm partial to colorful trees, rather than the standard greens.
  53. Alison King says
    I learned that they have a 5 year foliage and 2 year light warranty.

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