Trim a Christmas Tree for Breast Cancer Awareness

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Have you ever thought about trimming a Christmas tree for breast cancer awareness? October is breast cancer awareness month, and it’s the perfect time to show your support for those that struggle with this disease. Over the years, I’ve worn pink, purchased products that were donating a portion of their proceeds and shared messages on my blog and social media. Thank you to Tree Classics for sponsoring this conversation today.

Trim a Christmas Tree for Breast Cancer Awareness

Trim a Christmas Tree for Breast Cancer Awareness

We’ve always had an artificial tree for as long as I can remember. I prefer to leave the real trees outside for the animals and birds to enjoy. With an artificial tree, there is no need to water it or sweep up pine needles from the floor. For me, it’s just an easier choice than a real tree. So, when I was considering a Christmas tree for Breast Cancer Awareness, I knew it would be artificial.

What should I look for in a tree?

After visiting the Tree Classics site, I learned that their trees use Real Feel™ technology that results in foliage that feels as real as it looks. Made from injection-molded polyethylene (PE) plastic, Real Feel™ needles allow you to enjoy all of the advantages of an artificial Christmas tree without sacrificing the beauty of a real one. Their trees are designed with a mix of Real Feel™ foliage and traditional papery PVC needles for optimal realism and fullness.

a pile of presents wrapped in pink paper


Breast cancer awareness Christmas tree

After looking at several different styles, we chose a pre-lit Christmas tree, so we didn’t have the hassle of dealing with strings of lights individually. We decided to get a Kennedy Fir Slim Artificial Christmas Tree because it was compact enough to fit in the area we had available. If you have a larger area, you can choose from their full Christmas trees as well. You can also decide to have a tree with no lights if you prefer.

If you want to create a Breast Cancer awareness Christmas tree, you’ll probably want to use a variety of pink Christmas ornaments and decorations. If you don’t have a pre-lit Christmas tree, you can always use pink lights or you can add pink lights to the existing lights on your tree.

Trim a Christmas Tree for Breast Cancer Awareness #BCA

There are also lots of different pink ornaments for your Christmas tree. These are shatterproof which is important if you have young children or pets. You can also add pink silk poinsettias to your tree. Or, you might prefer to use these glittery pink bows instead. These adorable pink unicorn ornaments would add a fun touch as well.


Pink Christmas tree

Some people want to get an entirely pink Christmas tree for Breast Cancer Awareness and that’s a great idea. We decided to go with green in case we wanted a different theme next year. If you do want a pink Christmas tree, I found a few that you can choose from.

Christmas tree with a pink ornament

This year, Tree Classics is partnering with 30 bloggers to share a message encouraging people to support Breast Cancer Awareness by trimming their tree in pink. I hope that you’ll join us to show your support.

Learn more about how you may be able to reduce your risk of breast cancer. You might also want to check out this information on ovarian cancer testing. Here is some information about ovarian cancer causes and the BRCA gene

Make sure that you take a look at these holiday safety tips to keep everyone safe this holiday.

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  1. I would choose the Arctic White Pine with multi colored lights. I'm partial to colorful trees, rather than the standard greens.

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