Cat Safety on Halloween: Tips to Keep Your Cats Safe and Happy

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I wanted to share these tips on cat safety on Halloween with you today. We love the holidays because they are fun and different from regular days. October is the start of the holiday season with Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. It’s one of my favorites times of the year, but it’s not without stress for people and pets.

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Cat Safety on Halloween

We have three cats. Colors is a tortoiseshell. Heather is a black domestic short hair. Scout is a black tiger. They all have their personalities, and all three are loving members of our family. It always makes me sad when I see pictures of black cats that look menacing on Halloween cards and in movies. A black cat is no more or less likely than any other to be unfriendly.

A little bit of history

Ancient Egyptians revered cats of all colors and black cats were no different. However, cats have often been portrayed as familiars to witches. And, black cats even more so.  In the middle ages, people even believed that some witches could turn themselves into black cats. For these reasons, black cats are often seen in a negative light even though they are just as cute, adorable, and lovable as cats of any other color. And, for this reason, we need to educate people about cat safety on Halloween.

Because of this tendency to show black cats as mean, many owners of black cats choose to keep theirs inside in the few weeks before and after Halloween for safety reasons. Our cats are inside cats, so this isn’t really an issue for us, but cat safety on Halloween is something we should all be aware of. If you have a black cat, you might want to consider keeping a closer eye on them during the weeks that lead up to Halloween just in case. Keep them confined to your yard or your home whenever possible. It is better to be safe than to have something bad happen to your cat.

Cat Safety Tips

If your cat is prone to dash for the door when it opens, keep them in another room when trick or treaters are visiting in case they try to run outside. Be sure they have food, water, and a litter box available to them. Cat safety on Halloween is easier when they are inside.

A Mini Cat Playroom might be a great way to keep a cat safe and occupied on Halloween

Do not leave candy where they can get into it. Candy is not good for cats and chocolate is toxic.

black cat on a cat bed

Put empty wrappers in the garbage. Our cats like to chew on things and will chew on plastic just to see what it is.

If you aren’t home for trick or treaters, consider turning off your doorbell, so the ringing doesn’t upset your cat. If that’s not an option, put a bowl of candy on the front porch with a sign that says “Take One.”

Make sure that any wires or cords from lighted Halloween decorations are out of reach of your cat. They may chew on them or pull on them and knock something heavy down. This is one of the tips for cat safety on Halloween that people don’t often think about.

Cat safety on Halloween

If you plan on putting a candle inside a carved pumpkin, choose a battery-operated candle to prevent injuries to your cat if they get too close.

And, if you’re dressing your cat up for Halloween, please use an approved pet costume. If you’re making one yourself, be sure it isn’t too tight, doesn’t constrict their movement and doesn’t have any pieces or parts that can be chewed on or swallowed.

Make sure your cat has on their ID tag. Just in case they get out, be confident they can be identified if found.

black cat on red chair

A request:

Please don’t display decorations that portray black cats as evil or mean. They’re just as loving as any other cats, and we shouldn’t encourage people to be afraid of them. If your child does see something that shows black cats as being mean, talk to them so that they understand it isn’t true. Education is the key to eliminating this belief and making cat safety on Halloween something we don’t need to worry about.

Here are a few cat-friendly Halloween decorations you can try at your home this year. Just watch the video above for inspiration. And, please share this post to get the word out about cat safety on Halloween. Check out a few of the Halloween costumes we used for our cats.

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  1. Pets are important to help on holidays. My neighbor was telling me that fireworks scares her dog so she keeps the dog in on the 4th
  2. Great tips - it's a shame that you have to worry so much about your animals.  I so miss having cats.  After I had my son, I got so allergic, it's hard to be by them anymore. :(

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