Cat Care: Regular Vet Checkups for your Pet

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We have three cats and regular vet checkups are just a part our cat care routine.  I cannot handle taking all three cats to the vet at the same time. That’s just too much chaos.  I make one appointment a week when they are due and take each one in separately.  We’ve been seeing, “Dr. Janet” for all of our vet appointments for years.  She has an amazing bedside manner and really loves animals. This post has been sponsored.

Cat Care: Regular Vet Checkups for your Pet #GetHealthyHappy

Cat Care: Regular Vet Checkups for your Pet

Regular vet checkups for your pet are just as important as regular checkups for you or your kids. We all want our pets to be healthy pets. The vet will check their weight, their coat, their teeth, their ears and make sure that they are healthy and up to date on immunizations. It really only takes us a few minutes per cat since Dr. Janet is familiar with our kitties and it’s an important part of cat care. Dr. Gallagher shares how important regular vet check ups are.

Cat Care: Regular Vet Checkups for your Pet #GetHealthyHappy

Today it was Scout’s turn to visit Dr. Janet for his checkup and his rabies shot. Thankfully, Scout is very healthy except for being overweight. That’s something we’re working on with him.  All of our kitties have regular vet checkups every 6 months so it’s my hope that when Scout goes back in 6 months, he will have lost a bit of weight. We’re being very careful to feed him healthy cat food and measure it when we feed him so he doesn’t eat too much. We are trying to encourage him to exercise more by providing some fun interactive toys.

Cat Care: Regular Vet Checkups for your Pet #GetHealthyHappy

Annual vet visits for your pet are important because your vet may catch things about your cat’s health that you don’t notice or recognize as a problem. Catching problems early means that it’s more likely they can be treated. Staying up to date on your cat’s immunizations means that they are less likely to get sick. Pets age faster, so missing one annual checkup is like you going five years between checkups. Did you know that 17% of cat owners don’t visit their vet until their cat is sick? The American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owner Survey for 2013-14 found that emergency and illness vet visits can be $50-$200 more expensive than a routine visit.

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  1. I'm behind in bringing my cats to the vet, thanks for the reminder. 
  2. Katharine Godbey says
    Hopefully this will help people consider taking pets for checkups more often. Too often pets never see a vet until they are sick and it could be too late to help them. 
  3. So many people don't bother getting their pets checked regularly because of the cost. But, it is a responsibility that we all have as pet owners, thanks for reminding everyone!
  4. I am bad that I don't bring my cats to the vet nearly as often as the dog. We do have a checkup scheduled for our big boy though!
  5. Getting regular checkups done is so important esp considering medical bills can run up to quite a figure!
  6. Your kitty is so cute! It's true, preventative checkups are just as important for animals as they are for people.

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