How to Choose the Best Refrigerator When Remodeling

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If you’re redoing your kitchen, you may be wondering how to choose the best refrigerator when remodeling. We just remodeled our kitchen last year, and we chose not to replace our refrigerator. What a huge mistake because our refrigerator just died a few weeks ago and we had to get a new one anyway. The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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How to Choose the Best Refrigerator When Remodeling

Best Refrigerator When Remodeling

When you’re remodeling, it’s important to choose appliances that fit the overall new look of your kitchen. You’ll also want to consider the lifespan of your appliances and replace those that are nearing the end of their lives. There is nothing worse than waking up to a refrigerator full of food that has gone bad.  Here are a few things to consider if you’re choosing the best refrigerator when remodeling.

Space Considerations

Making sure your refrigerator fits into the space available is one of the most important considerations. You’ll need to measure height, width, and depth. Remember to allow at least one inch around the refrigerator for air flow. Make sure that the door opens in the correct direction and that there is room to open all of the drawers once it’s installed.

Food Buying Habits

Make sure that you consider your food buying habits. If you purchased your last refrigerator when you had no children and you now have a family of five, you may want to invest in a refrigerator with more storage room. If you cook with a lot of fresh ingredients, lots of refrigerator room may be more important than extra freezer space. If you tend to store things like frozen pizzas more frequently, you may not want to get a side by side model which has less space for larger items.

How to Choose the Best Refrigerator When Remodeling

Extra Features

Is it important that you have a refrigerator with an ice or water dispenser? If it is, make sure that the area you plan to install your refrigerator in has the plumbing for that option. If not, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with a plumber before your refrigerator is delivered. Will your refrigerator offer smart options like a camera and reminders when you run out of milk? If so, make sure that you have internet or WiFi access that will work in that area.

Energy Consumption

Not all refrigerators are created as energy conscious as other models. If your electricity bill is a concern, a refrigerator with a top-mounted freezer may use less electricity than a side by side model. Additional features like ice, water, and internet access will use more power than a traditional refrigerator.

How to Choose the Best Refrigerator When Remodeling

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  1. We recently had to purchase a refrigerator whenever we moved into our home. It was actually the first one that we had ever purchased since the places that we moved before always already had one that came with it. There are so many options when it comes to refrigerators. I was surprised!
  2. We've been married 27 years and still have the same refrigerator, it's the only appliance that we haven't had to replace(yet). They sure have changed! My IL's has the freezer drawer on the bottom, I'm not sure if I like that feature.
    • I'd like one of the ones with the refrigerator section in the middle for frequent access. That's pretty amazing.
  3. Thanks for the great tips as I will be looking to do this in the near future. I am so ready for a new refrigerator.
  4. Refrigerators sure have come a long way! The one they show has a drawer between the fridge and the freezer. My family has one with that drawer and it's surprisingly useful. You can access common items without having to open the main fridge at all.

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